4 thoughts on “SuperCoach Press Conference: Shorty’s Superstars Round 8, 2017 | VIDEO

  1. Hi Shorty,
    But of a tough round. I had Newman on the bench too. 29 out of a premium? I got 5 out of Jy Simpkin (injured but he was on -2 just before qtr time).
    Love your work but can you keep one thing in mind? You have kids in your audience and others that don’t appreciate you swearing. It is good to have a podcast that doesn’t have sexual jokes in it.
    Keep fronting up and fighting. Some have already quit their teams because it got a bit tough.


    1. Hey Simo.
      Certainly was mate! Ahh that’s brutal, very frustrating.
      Sure thing mate. I will keep that in mind, all light-hearted however. Although I don’t believe there were any sexual jokes? Not something I’d be putting in a podcast.
      Thanks mate! Likewise, chat soon.


  2. hi shorty. Recent follower of your videos and like your insight on the game. This is my first year taking AFL SuperCoach seriously as I’m originally from the NRL SuperCoach army/enemy lol. Kind of get sick of the scoring system with NRL SC as the scores fluctuate and change three times before they settle on a final score whereas once an AFL SC score for a player is tallied, it’s locked in so you won’t come back to your team and 30-40 points have disappeared. Anyways I noticed you don’t have any Carlton players. Docherty, Simpson, Murphy, Cripps. Do you hate them or something? Haha. Also just wondering with the mini revival at the swans occurring and with their team being SC relevant, how many swans is too many? I have 4 at the moment in Newman, Melican, Buddy and Heeney with the latter two being Keepers. Is it a good idea to add one of the Kennedy/Parker/Hannenbury trio or just leave it with two swans in the forward line? Cheers mate and good luck for the rest of the season?


    1. Hey Johnny, good to have you on board and apologies for my sluggish reply haha.
      Enemy territory! Look out haha. Ohhh ok, I see, I’ve never done the NRL one.
      Hahah nah nothing against them, I actually love Patty Cripps, one of my favourite players in the AFL. And I am wishing I could get ahold of Docherty but his price has eluded me so far.
      You nailed it on the head when outlining that two are keepers. Only worry about the keepers I reckon. You could have 7 players from one club, 2 keepers/5 cash cows and I wouldn’t see a problem (bit of an exaggeration). But the fact is, cash cows will inevitably leave your side. Preferably before their sides bye. So yeh, I think some of the back-in-form Swans are certainly worth a look.
      Thanks for the comment mate.


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