Mr Fix-It: Round 9

Did somebody turn the difficulty setting up?

There are plenty of things troubling SuperCoaches right around the country.
I’m going to do my best to help you out, but at the same time, I need a little slice of luck myself.

Remember, there are no instant solutions. So if you find yourself in a big ditch like me, put together a strategy and build out of it.

We can do this.

The Gold Coast & Port Adelaide bye

This might look pretty innocuous, but teams who are relying on Gary Ablett, Jarrod Witts, Sam Powell-Pepper, David Swallow and Patty Ryder (amongst others) might find it a little difficult to field 22 this weekend.

Trading time seems right for most of these guys, premiums aside. Witts surely isn’t a keeper and can be upgraded, SPP’s time is nearly up (BE 54), but Dave Swallow (BE 46) can probably stay, given he will have had two weeks off and hasn’t made much cashola yet. Tom Lynch is an interesting one for the 9% of sides who have him. You knew it would be up and down from the start, but would it be worth cashing him in for a more reliable forward?

Adam Treloar & Scott Pendlebury

The Pies midfield duo have been very, very underwhelming. Treloar has missed a game with an ankle injury and has scored under 100 four times in seven games.
The Collingwood skipper has been alright in patches, but like Treloar has gone under 100 four times, which is very uncharacteristic.

I’m torn what to do here. But I’ll say what I always say: stick fat with the premiums. Hope they come good. Hope the Pendlebaby doesn’t occur on a match-day. And hope that Treloar can hit a bloody target.

Tom Rockliff & Dayne Beams

Rocky is the number one ranked player this season, a fine effort considering his side is on the bottom of the ladder and his shoulder is buggered.

The news on Dayne Beams isn’t as good, with the Lions likely to take the safe approach on the skipper. His missed two weeks with a quad strain and might miss another, which would be extremely frustrating considering his bye is coming up in round 11.

UPDATE:  Trade Beams, he’s done well to average 96, but his BE is 115 and he should be a nice little stepping stone onto one of the recovering Sydney midfielders, Zach Merrett or Marc Murphy.
Rocky is a much tougher one. Scoring so well but going to miss round nine, 10 and 11 (the Lions’ bye). In such a tight season, that’s trade territory for me.

The rookies underperforming

It’s been ridiculous! Well done if you managed to get Nic Newman’s weekend score on the ground somehow, and commiserations if you had to watch it on the bench.

Thankfully, most people are in the same boat copping at least one 30-40 a week (see Butler, Hayward, Parsons). The key (as it always is) is to upgrade as quickly as possible. Very hard when the rookies aren’t getting much higher than $200k, but necessary nonetheless.

Andy Otten and Curtley Hampton are both ready to go, and in the midfield David Myers is ready to come in. Get that turnover happening!

Zach Tuohy & Heath Shaw

These two were meant to be defensive locks, but have obviously grown complacent and are producing poor scores on a weekly basis.
Heater is averaging his lowest in a season since his debut year of 2005. And his BE is now 116, which looks out of reach for the rebounder.

Tuohy has been a tiny bit more consistent than Shaw, with five 90+ scores, but theses aren’t the next-level highs many coaches were expecting. His BE sits at 112 and it remains to be seen if he’s capable of going triple figures on a regular basis.

You’ve got to hold them both for this week, there’s too much else to do. Focus on downgrading and upgrading those rooks, and hope these ‘premos’ come good.

Round 13 bye

Yep, there’s the dreaded byes coming up. Adelaide, Hawthorn, GWS, Collingwood, Essendon and Fremantle will be the affected teams. Scared? Listen to the names:

Fyfe, Sandilands, Otten, Taylor Adams, Hampton, Laird, Hoskin-Elliott, Shaw, Taranto, Roughead, Pendlebury, Treloar, Andrew McGrath, Heppell, Merrett, Myers. How many do you have?

The key here is to focus on getting the rookies out so that you’ve got (minimum) 18 in place for rounds 11-13. Even if they’ve got another week or two of money making, chop them early to avoid the donut. As I’ve mentioned there’s not too much point swinging the premiums back and forth.

Full byes:
R11 – Brisbane, Carlton, Melbourne, St.Kilda, Sydney, WB
R12 – Geelong, North, Richmond, WCE
R13 – Adelaide, Collingwood, Essendon, Fremantle, GWS, Hawthorn

Phew. Hopefully some of that’s helped. I’d love to hear what your dilemmas are this round, and what’s really killed you this season? I have a feeling I’ll be able to relate. Comment below or send em to @SuperCoach_HQ or @joshschon on Twitter.

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