2 thoughts on “SuperCoach Press Conference: Shorty’s Superstars Round 7, 2017

  1. Hey there Shorty. Yeah it has been a tough year. Looking at your team, the last thing you need to change going into the bye rounds is your forward structure. Your defense is an issue though, and your coin. So I would say one of Otten/ Hampton, then also trade Parfitt. Downgrade Parfitt to Myers, Mutimer or Scheer, then upgrade one of the others to a Premo. You probably have your sights on the Danger upgrade after their bye for the midfield.

    Your ruck is a problem. Preuss on the bench with no game time in sight (although $30k+ on one game, which could happen at anytime) then Nankervis (1 game under 90) vs Sandi and Grundy. 4 rucks a lot of cash, and not high ceilings on any of them. They really need to turn into 2, or you keep Nankervis as a forward for the season. Tough call. Limited trades does not help, and insurance is a wonderful thing.

    Buddy over Nick. Last time Buddy kicked over 7 goals was 9 in 2014 – his best year. I think Sydney will start to click and with that Buddy’s scores will be consistently over 100, however I can not say the same for St SoreKnee.


    1. Hey mate.
      Yeh good thinking, and I have done similar since.
      Danger may even come in earlier, but I’ll assess later in the week.

      Yeh in a way. But I think Sandi and Grundy are going ok, at least no need to trade at this stage. I’m hoping Preuss can get a gig soon. No rush to get rid of him unless I desperately need coin.

      Hahaha StSoreknee, that’s good. Not sure if you saw my pre-season player profile on Buddy, but I’m not convinced he’ll be a top 6 fwd. But yes, Riewoldt’s body is of concern.
      Thanks for the comment mate.


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