Predicted Round 1 Teams – Brisbane, Fremantle, Gold Coast

Last of the predicted teams! Hope you’ve enjoyed them during the weekend off footy. Thanks to the team at Over the Line Sports for helping us out with two of the teams in this article and the Adelaide team in a previous article. Check out all the other content on our website to help get your team sorted out by Thursday!


Brisbane – Bobbie Evans – @Bobbie_Evans

B: Cutler, McStay, Gardiner
HB: Rich, Andrews, Mayes
C: Zorko, Robinson, Bewick
HF: Bell, Close, Taylor
F: Keays, Hipwood, Barrett
FOL: Martin, Rockcliff, Beams
INT: Harwood Mathieson Bastinac Lester

Next in line: Hammelmann, Robertson, Walker

Comments: Missing from the Round 1 for the Lions is Schache (inj), McCluggage (inj) and Frost (Suspension). Personally, on ability, Josh Walker should be in over Close, but simply doesn’t have the work rate of Close. While Hammelmann may get the nod over McStay due to McStay missing most preseason games through injury. Three players to keep an eye on for the Lions would be McCluggage on his return from injury. Lions got a bargain when drafting him at pick 3 and should slot straight back into the Lions midfield to begin his development as an elite AFL footballer. Then there is Cox, who will take time but may get his chance in the second half of the season and finally, Jansen who is a big bodied midfielder who will definitely get opportunities to be in the 22.


Gold Coast – Paul D – @palkal03

B: Saad, May, Lemmens
HB: Kolodjashnij, Thompson, Hanley
C: Sexton, Barlow, Miller
HF: Lyons, Lynch, Martin
F: Ainsworth, Wright, Ah Chee
FOL: Jarrod Witts, Gary Ablett, Aaron Hall
INT: Swallow, Rosa, Bowes Joyce

Next in line: Brodie, Shaw, Lonergan

Comments: Gold Coast had a very successful trade and draft period, where they where able to bring in some great mature aged talent (Barlow, Lyons, Hanley and Witts). They all had great preseasons and are set to go Round 1. As well as the guys from other sides, Gold Coast had four top 10 picks in the draft to which they hit the jackpot landing Ainsworth, Brodie, Bowes and Scrimshaw and I would think the first three are all in line to debut in Round 1 or very close. This has got to be a year where Gold Coast start being contenders instead of pretenders


This team from Over the Line Sports is a predicted best 22 and were written before some injuries, etc… took place. Keep that in mind when reading.

Fremantle – Over The Line Sports

B: Lee Spurr, Joel Hamling, Alex Pearce
HB: Tommy Sheridan, Michael Johnson, Cam Sutcliffe
C: Bradley Hill, David Mundy, Stephen Hill
HF: Harley Bennell, Cam McCarthy, Lachie Weller
F: Hayden Ballantyne, Shane Kersten, Michael Walters
FOL: Aaron Sandilands, Nat Fyfe, Lachie Neale
INT: Matt Taberner, Connor Blakely, Hayden Crozier, Danyle Pearce

Next in line: Zac Dawson, Sam Collins, Garrick Ibbotson, Luke Ryan, Darcy Tucker, Michael Apeness, Zac Clarke



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