Nankilands? Set And Forget? What Ruck Structure Should We Use In SuperCoach 2017?

The ruck is always one of the toughest lines to select and SuperCoach 2017 is no exception.
Set and forget was once the structure of choice, but the rise of Aaron Sandilands and Toby Nankervis has got us thinking and tinkering. How do we include these mid-pricers into our set-ups? I discuss the different methods to tackle our ruck combination and the risks and rewards of each option.

6 thoughts on “Nankilands? Set And Forget? What Ruck Structure Should We Use In SuperCoach 2017?

  1. Thoughts on Sam Jacobs in R1?

    Considering Gawn and Goldstein come with risk..

    Down year last year but is durable and averaged 100+ in previous years.


    1. Hi BK, Aaron here. I think Jacobs could do well, particularly with the no third man up rule. A lot of ruckmen will do better, especially the ones that sole ruck. Jenkins will relieve sometimes but Jacob is basically a sole ruck. I would still prefer Gawn and Goldy over him – think if Preuss plays he will spend a lot of time foward. Spencer might not even play that much in the end so if Spencer isn’t name Round 1, Gawn is worth it. But Jacobs, a definite POD option. Prefer him over Grundy, Martin & Mumford.


    2. Hey mate. Yeh, he is one to consider, but I feel he may not have the necessary ceiling..
      We really need 110 from our top rucks and he has gone 115 before, and a 108 in among a lot of 94-104 averages (and some 80s). I don’t think we can bank on him, because if you do go with him, he’ll be picked as a keeper – and the risk could be you lose 10 points per game to someone who has Gawn or Goldy (if they can back it up).
      A lot of conjecture around rucks atm, hopefully the video helped.


  2. Jacobs scoring output has declined in the past two seasons, and hit outs to advantage has been the stat which has hurt him most. Without Danger in the middle and with Sloane and Laird out for big parts of the season he hasn’t had a great midfield to ruck to. If you think thats going to change this year then he’s worth a punt, personally I am going the cheapskate ruck combo of Sandiwitts with Cameron at R3, all for 40k less than Gawn.


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