Predicted Round 1 Teams – North Melbourne, Richmond, Port Adelaide

Some well known people on Twitter have provided their insights for the North Melbourne, Richmond and Port Adelaide Teams. Vernie, also known as Sgt.SuperCoach, needs no introduction. Jesse Caldera is a latecomer to the Twitter scene, but has been a big part of the SuperCoach circles recently and Nathan King’s name will be familiar if you follow AFL or cricket; he’s known to tweet regularly about both, particular Port Adelaide!

North Melbourne – Vernie Valentos (aka Sgt.SuperCoach) – @vernievalentos

B: Macmillan, Thompson, McDonald
HB: Williams, Tarrant, Atley
C: Dumont, Ziebell, Gibson
HF: Wagner, Waite, Hrovat
F: Turner, Brown, Thomas
FOL: Goldstein, Swallow, Higgins
INT: Clarke, Preuss, Vickers-Willis, Garner

Next in line: Durdin, Mullett, Hibberd

Comments: Finally, North are SuperCoach relevant, with the likes of Preuss, Vickers-Willis, Durdin and Turner in the Round 1 mix for this very young side! Vickers-Willis is the pick of the bunch. He’s shown a lot of maturity down back for us. Something we’ve been lacking for years. Mason Wood and Ben Jacobs are huge losses for us but should find their way back into the side with Preuss and Wagner the obvious choices to make way. Jed Anderson is touch and go but I don’t expect him to make the initial squads on Thursday. Ben Cunnington is suspended for the first round – Hrovat may lose his spot when Cunnington is back.


Richmond – Jesse Caldera – @JesseDCaldera

B: Grimes, Rance, Conca
HB: Markov, Astbury, B.Ellis
C: Houli, Cotchin, Grigg
HF: Martin, Griffiths, Caddy
F: Edwards, Riewoldt, Lloyd
FOL: Nankervis, Prestia, Vlastuin
INT: Butler, Miles, Rioli, C.Ellis

Next in line: Hunt, Lambert, McIntosh

Comments: With the offseason shake up, and midfield depth recruited a smaller forward line is on offer at Punt RD in 2017. Oleg Markov and Brandon Ellis get the nod as running HB as Tigers look to improve their ball movement with a predominatly kicking game plan. Vlastuin and Conca seem to have changed roles over summer, but I expect Vlastuin to move back into the DEF early in the season once Conca’s poor decision making is noticed. Caddy will rotate through the midfield but still sits behind a few in the pecking order. Shai Bolton doesn’t look ready physically for AFL yet.


Port Adelaide – Nathan King – @ntkingo_1989

B: Byrne-Jones, Austin, Clurey
HB: Houston, Hombsch, Broadbent
C: Hartlett, Boak, Ebert
HF: Wingard, Dixon, Young
F: S.Gray, Trengove, Eddy
FOL: Ryder, R.Gray, Wines
INT: Powell-Pepper, Impey, Westhoff, Amon

Next in line: Atley, White, Lobbe

Comments: Hello folks, here is my predicted line up for round 1 vs Sydney. Think this team on paper stacks up against the Swans quite well, especially down back with Franklin, Tippett and Reid to contend with. The addition of SPP, will add the hardness around the ball, which will be vital against Sydney. I am optimistic about this lineup, although I know how hard Sydney are to beat at home. But if there’s any better time to get them, it’s Round 1 and without a few of their key players. Hopefully 2017 is an amazing season, and a return to the Port Adelaide of 2013-2014.

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