Last Drinks – Collingwood 2017 Preview

Nathan Buckley and the recruiting team made some strange decisions in last year’s off-season, but they may just present fantasy coaches with some exciting prospects for SuperCoach in 2017.

Blue Chip Investment

Adam Treloar – MID – $605,400

Is this the year that Adam Treloar overtakes the King of Collingwood Scott Pendlebury as the main man at the Magpies?

His 2016 was a personal best, averaging 111.3 from 22 games, up from an average of 106.8 (21 games) in 2015 and 107.5 (20) in 2014. Apart from the good scoring, how about the durability? Consistently playing 20 games and more per season is an absolute must for premium midfielders.

With a little bit of uncertainty surrounding the health of Pendlebury’s Achilles injury, 2017 might be Treloar’s year.

JLT SC scores: DNP, 105, 126


Mid Price Potential

Will Hoskin-Elliott – FWD – $213,300

WHE looks like he’ll be one of the Collingwood recruits to come straight into the team.

At his price, an average of around 80 would be a big win, meaning he’d be one of the first forwards you could upgrade (or downgrade).

2014 was his best year to date, playing 20 games for GWS and averaging 67.2 for the season. Don’t expect big scores from the Hyphen, but expect a few big grabs, a few two and three goal games and a few disposalless quarters.

JLT SC scores: 83, 64, 80


Point of Difference

Jeremy Howe – DEF – $500,500 – Player Ownership: 1.9%

In 2016 Howe transformed from a frequent flier and not much else, into a genuine premium defender. His spectacular marking decreased, although it didn’t completely disappear, and he delivered eight 100s, including five on the trot from rounds seven to 11.

In fact, after missing the first two rounds of the season, and then taking a month to get settled, Howe averaged 100.6 from round seven onwards, failing to miss a game in that time as well.

Now he gets to a lead a brand new defence – for his sake I hope they click quickly.

JLT SC scores: 24, 141, 87



Josh Daicos – FWD – $117,300

Maybe the best chance of any of the Magpie rookies to play early, Baby Daics certainly looks like a league footballer already. Of course, with great pedigree comes great expectation.

Wouldn’t be expected more than 10 games out of him this season, but if he is named round one, I’ll be very tempted.

JLT SC scores: 30, 28, DNP


Stay Away…

Daniel Wells – MID – $547,400

No-one thought this risk would end badly, did they?

There’s a long way to go, but it ain’t a promising start. No pre-season games, restricted training and calf trouble again equals three big crosses against Wells’ name.

It’s possible that if he gets some momentum under his belt through the middle of the season, he could become an upgrade target, because historically he’s been an effortlessly good scorer. But that looks a long way off at the moment.

JLT SC scores: DNP, DNP, DNP

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