Last Drinks – Sydney Swans 2017 Preview

After just falling short last year, the Swans will look to reload in 2017 and try to go one better. These players may just help improve your SuperCoach team as well!

Blue Chip Investment

Josh Kennedy – MID – $527,500 – Player Ownership: 13.5%

Josh Kennedy is simply amazing. He almost single handedly willed his side to a Grand Final win and has been rewarded by becoming the captain of the Swans. Some players find a drop off in performance when they become captain however, I can’t see that happening to Kennedy. If anything I actually think it will spur him on even more. Kennedy is one of the most consistent SuperCoach scorers ever as demonstrated last year when he only scored below 90 once, in Round 1! Don’t be afraid of his JLT scores as he spent a lot of game time not in the middle of the ground. You know what you are getting with Kennedy and frankly he is worth every penny.

JLT SC scores: 52, 84, 89

Mid Price Potential

Zac Jones – DEF – $307,000 – Player Ownership: 5.7%

Zac is as hard as a cat’s head and it obviously runs in the family, as he plays the game in almost an identical manner to his brother. For most of his Swans career Jones has played off half-back which he has done with relative success. However, with Tom Mitchell having been traded to the Hawks at the end of last season, there is midfield time available for someone to take and that person may just be Zac Jones. A decent user of the ball by foot and a suprising quik player, Jones may just be the line breaker the Swans have been looking for in the midfield and if so expect to see scores like those he got in JLT 1 and 3, making him a valuable commodity in your team’s defence.

JLT SC scores: 114, 54, 103

Point of Difference

Lance Franklin – FWD – $514,600 – Player Ownership: 18.1%

For many a year Buddy has been the exception to the rule regarding selecting power forwards in your SuperCoach team because he is just an absolute star who can even make his way up the ground and into the Swans midfield if required. I expect Buddy to be given license to go for a little more exploring this year with the return of Sam Reid and Kurt Tippett expecting to play more as a forward, with the ruck duties being designated to Sam Naismith. For me this makes Buddy even more appealing as his field kicking is a severly underrated aspect of his game. Even better is that he appears to have been overtaken in most teams by Riewoldt, Dahlhaus and Macrae in most teams.

JLT SC scores: DNP, 120, 95


Oliver Florent – MID/FWD – $166,800 – Player Ownership: 8.6%

The Swans love playing a rookie and Florent provides something that the Swans desperately want … outside run. While his JLT scores haven’t set the world alight there are two reasons why it might be a good idea to pick Florent. The first, is because he probably has decent job security for the first half of the season anyway with injuries to similar players in Gary Rohan and Tom Papley. The second, is because of his DPP status which as we know is extremely valuable. Florent is probably going to make some quick cash and even though he is about $50,000 more than most other rookies I believe it is worth the spend for the job security.

JLT SC scores: 46 ,57, 58

Stay Away… (for now)

Isaac Henney – FWD – $433,400 – Player Ownership: 8.1%

Heeney was being considered by almost every team because of his forward eligibility and expected increase in midfield time but unfortunately the SuperCoach gods struck and Heeney has been diagnosed with glandular fever. I suppose the only good news is that unlike a soft tissue injury the only thing Heeney can do is rest and he will hopefully come back in the same form he showed in JLT 1.

JLT SC scores: 100, DNP, DNP

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