Josho’s Top 20 Most Relevant SuperCoach Players

20- Isaac Heeney
Price: $433,400
Position: Mid/Forward
2015 Avg: 70
2016 Avg: 79

Tom Mitchell leaving the Swans and becoming a Hawk has created a lot of hype around Isaac Heeney. John Longmire announced in the early stages of the preseason that Heeney was a chance to play more midfield time as a result of Mitchell’s departure. Heeney averaged 79 in his second season (last season) and after a stunning finals series will be looking to improve.

19- Jarryd Roughead
Price: $367,100
Position: Forward
2014 Avg: 95
2015 Avg: 96

After missing a year of footy through a battle against cancer, newly appointed Hawthorn skipper is priced at $367k for the 2017 season. Roughead has shown he can score consistently averaging 95+ the last 5 seasons he has played including averaging over 100 twice. Roughead is reasonably durable missing only 6 games from 2012 to 2015.

18- Stefan Martin
Price: $488,
Position: Ruck
2015 Avg: 110
2016 Avg: 89

This time last year, Martin was priced at $595k after averaging 110 and was said to be a set and forget ruckman for the 2016 season. Unfortunately for the coaches who picked him (including me), that wasn’t the case. Martin’s average dropped a total of 21 points last season. The drop in average was because of a number of reasons including a concussion he suffered in round 4, sharing the ruck with both Trent West and Archie Smith and battling knee problems all season. Martin has now said he is over his knee problems and at $488k is certainly worth a look having averaged 110+ the two seasons before his last.

17- Dyson Heppell
Price: $513,300
Position: Midfielder
2014 Avg: 106
2015 Avg: 104

12 months off has done wonders for Heppell’s fitness and hunger for the game. Being announced captain for 2017 will also help Heppell to step up and set an example to the rest of the team. Having averaged over 104 twice, Heppell has shown he can score but will have to bring his average up to around 108 to become a keeper. Can he do it? I believe he can.

16- Rory Laird
Price: $526,800
Position: Defender
2015 Avg: 93
2016 Avg: 96

Rory Laird is one of the best rebounding defenders in the game. He has averaged 93 and 96 in the past 2 seasons and regularly finds the ball. Laird is super consistent only going below 80 three times (79, 74 and 71). Laird posted 6 tons from his 17 games last year but had an additional 8 scores in the 90s.

15- Taylor Adams
Price: $527,800
Position: Defender
2015 Avg: 97
2016 Avg: 97

Taylor Adams was a surprise DPP inclusion for season 2017. He has shown he can score in the past averaging 97 in both 2015 and 2016. From all reports Adams has had a stunning preseason and has smashing it in match simulation. A concern with Adams is that he hasn’t been able to piece together a full season in five seasons.

14- Jack Macrae
Price: $511,700
Position: Mid/Foward
2015 Avg: 100
2016 Avg: 94

Jack Macrae was another surprise DPP inclusion for season 2017 gaining forward eligibility. Macrae has managed to average over 100 twice before in 2014 and 2015 (his second and third season in the AFL). Macrae had a down year with injury last year averaging a reasonably respectable 94 from 18 games. Before last season Macrae had played 21 games in 2014 and 20 games in 2015 playing a consistent amount of games. At 511k and priced at an average of 94, Macrae is close to a lock having averaged over 100 twice in his 4 season long career.

13- Sam Docherty
Price: $591,600
Position: Defender
2015 Avg: 87
2016 Avg: 108

Sam Docherty had a tremendous year in 2016 improving his average by 21 points from 2015. He is now the most expensive defender in 2017 but for very good reason. He scored 16 100s from 22 games plus another three scores above 87 and a low score of 76. Docherty has played more games each year and improved is average every year.

Sam Docherty’s year-by-year:
2013 – 13 games- 52
2014 – 16 games- 76
2015 – 19 games- 87
2016 – 22 games- 108
Can Docherty go one better in 2017?

12- Dayne Beams
Price: Midfielder
Position: $432,500
2015 Avg: 113
2016 Avg: 79

A fit Dayne Beams is a SuperCoach beast. Although a fit Dayne Beams is unfortunately rare. In 2012 Beams managed to play every game bar one averaging a whopping 122 points. Beams has averaged 115 from 19 games and 113 from 16 games but caused headaches when he missed games. At $432k priced at an average of 79 Beams is certainly relevant but must be watched in preseason games and named round 1 to be selected.

11- Jack Bowes
Price: $171,300
Position: Mid/Forward
Under 18 Champs Avg: 148
NEAFL Avg: 91

The academy Sun has been training as a rebounding half back flanker this preseason and has really impressed coach Rodney Eade. Bowes was a standout in the intra club match resulting in Eade telling reporters that Bowes was in the frame to play round one. Bowes had an unbelievable U18 Champs averaging 148 points per game in his 6 games. If the number 10 draft pick is named round one, he should be in every forward line in 2017.

10- Brodie Grundy
Price: $520,500
Position: Ruck
2015 Avg: 90
2016 Avg: 95

Brodie Grundy looks like he will be the next big thing in terms of SuperCoach rucks. Grundy is only 22 years old and is the clear number 1 ruck at the Pies. Grundy averaged a solid 95 points in season 2016 and managed to post 11 tons in 21 games. Eight of those 100+ scores we scored in his last 10 games of the season, showing he is developing every game.

9- David Myers
Price: $133,700
Position: Midfielder
2014 Avg: 85
2015 Avg: 39

David Myers one of the returning Bombers and is very cheap for the 2017 season. In 2015, Myers only averaged 39 points but that was from two games. The first he scored one point in an injury effected game in round one and 77 in his returning game in round 20. In 2014 Myers played 17 games averaging 85. In that year Myers scored 80+ 14 times out of 17 games. Myers will make quick cash and will be in Essendon’s best 22.

8- Nathan Fyfe
Price: $573,500
Position: Midfielder
2015 Avg: 124
2016 Avg: 105

Nathan Fyfe is an absolute bargain at $573k. He has proven he can score big scores and average good numbers so far in his career. He won the Brownlow medal in 2015 at the age of 23 averaging 124 Supercoach points for the year a huge output. In that year Fyfe managed to score 15 tons in his 18 games including 12 straight from Round 1 to Round 13. Fyfe finished second in the Brownlow at the age of 22 in 2014 averaging 122. This time last year Fyfe was priced at 653k and was in almost every team as an absolute set and forget lock. Now that he is more than $80k cheaper nothing should change considering his scoring past.

7- David Swallow
Price: $280,200
Position: Midfielder
2014 Avg: 103
2015 Avg: 85

Three seasons ago in 2014 David Swallow was in everyone’s SuperCoach backline averaging 103 from all 22 games. Swallow managed to score 12 hundreds in that season as well as scoring an additional eight scores above 80. In 2015 Swallow had an injury affected year only playing six games but still managed two scores above 100 and a score of 96. The Suns have been saying Swallow has had an amazing pre season and that his body is in perfect condition. Swallow played in the Suns intra club match and coach Rodney Eade said he was pleased and impressed by his performance.

6- Todd Goldstein
Price: $588,400
Position: Ruck
2015 Avg: 128
2016 Avg: 108

Goldstein is is more than $110k cheaper than he was last season. He averaged 20 points less than his 2015 average but still managed to average a massive 108 points being the second highest ranked ruckman in 2016. Goldstein posted 12 tons in 2016 out of 21 games. In 2015 Goldstein managed to post 18 tons out of 21 games. As well as going above 130 ten times, absolutely huge numbers.

5- Max Gawn
Price: $645,000
Position: Ruck
2015 Avg: 102
2016 Avg: 118

Max Gawn had a monster year last year averaging 118 from 22 games. He had massive scores of 174, 172, 168, 167, 160 and 141 as well as hitting the ton 15 out of 22 times. He comes in at $645k, the most expensive for all ruckman. The problem with Gawn is that before last year he hadn’t played more than 13 games in four seasons through injury. It’s a big spend but if you select Gawn you’re in for big scores if he can stay on the park. A concern with Gawn is that no ruckman has managed to keep the number one ruck mantle since Dean Cox in 2008-2009.

4- Daniel Hannebery
Price: $616,800
Position: Midfielder
2015 Avg: 114
2016 Avg: 113

They Sydney jet has been sober since the grand final loss against Doggies and has come back in super shape. Hannebery won the first 3km time trial he did coming back from his nasty knee injury in the Grand Final, doing very little running before hand. Hannebery is the right age at 25 and looks like he is starting to hit his prime.

3- Scott Pendlebury
Price: $645,700
Position: Midfielder
2015 Avg: 116
2016 Avg: 118

Scott Pendlebury is the most consistent and durable player there is. He has averaged 110+ in his last 7 seasons including averaging 120+ 4 times. As well as those fantastic averages, Pendlebury has only missed a total of 5 games in the last 7 years which is extraordinary. He was first picked in my midfield and I think he should be in your side too.

Scott Pendlebury year-by-year:
2010- 22 Games: 110
2011- 22 Games: 129
2012- 18 Games: 124
2013- 22 Games: 126
2014- 21 Games: 124
2015- 22 Games: 116
2016- 22 Games: 118
Scott Pendlebury without a doubt is one of the best SuperCoach players we have ever seen.

2- Luke Dahlhaus
Price: $520,700
Position: Mid/Forward
2015 Avg: 104
2016 Avg: 95

With names like Dayne Zorko, Dustin Martin, Zach Merrett, Aaron Hall, Michael Barlow, Leigh Montagna and a few other players losing there Forward eligibility, Luke Dahlhaus becomes a very relevant, popular pick for our SuperCoach teams. The Premiership Bulldog has cracked the 100 average before in 2015 averaging 104.

1- Patrick Dangerfield
Price: $716,900
Position: Midfielder
2015 Avg: 120
2016 Avg: 132

A move to his home state of Victoria to live in his home town (Moggs Creek, a short drive from Geelong) has done wonders for Danger. After improving his average by 12 points in 2016, the Brownlow medalist is now the most expensive player in the game at $716k. I still believe no matter what his price is that he should be selected in your team this season.

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