2017 SuperCoach #AlternativePremiums

With the JLT Community Series just over one week away I have found myself manoeuvring the same few players in each position.

This is just a list of the players I think will be great premium players that you will also have a low ownership percentage.

I also want to hear your thoughts, so feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page or even better – join our near 800 SuperCoach addicts in our SuperCoach Pack.

So, without further ado let’s get stuck in!

Cyril Rioli (HAW) FWD – $490,000

Currently in only 3.1% of teams Rioli finished the 2016 season as the 11th best ranked forward.

Most importantly he has only missed one game in the last two seasons due to injury (he has also missed two to attend funerals and another one through illness).

He has only averaged below 90 for a season once since 2010, and that was an 88.4 including a sub-affected game.

Rioli is priced at an average of 90 and at worst I can’t see him averaging below that again this season. In my opinion, he also has the capacity to, at his best, average 100.

While most people have Rioli behind other players like Dahlhaus, Macrae, and Heeney, he is one I will keep be keeping an eye on in the JLT.

Chad Wingard (PTA) FWD – $439,800

Wingard was extremely durable for first few seasons but did miss four games last year (three for hamstring trouble and one for concussion).

In 2015 Wingard played every game and finished the season with an average of 97.8, while in 2016 managed 18 games at an average of 80.8.

With the return of Angus Monfries will this free Wingard up to play a role closer to that which he did in 2015? Quite possibly. Watch to see if his role in the JLT is any different than last year and if so, his price is extremely tempting for a bloke who already has an average of close to 100.

Blake Acres (STK) MID/FWD – $410,100

Currently in 1.1% of teams, Acres was pick 19 in the 2013 draft. According to a number of St Kilda devotees, Acres has been developing well and along more conventional lines than the more highly-rated Billings.

Acres spent the first two seasons at the Saints in and out of the side with a few ankle and quad problems meaning he spent a lot of time in the red and green vests.

More opportunities were afforded to Acres last season, managing to play 16 games at an average of 75.4, however, the games that Acres did still miss were due to being dropped and not injury.

Acres ended the season by playing mostly on the wing and finished the season with scores of 110, 93, 110, 109 and 61 for a five-game average of 96.6.

Shaun Higgins (NTH) FWD – $426,400

Back in 2015 Shaun Higgins was a great premium forward but after going backwards about 17 points in 2016 many have now forgotten how good a player Higgins can be. While currently in only 1.1% of teams he is another fallen premium, similar to Chad Wingard.

With a number of North’s leader having either retired or been moved on, specifically Harvey, Dal Santo and Wells, a large number of points have been left for the taking and Higgins, as one of the few remaining leaders, could be the prime candidate to take them.

It sounds like he’s having a decent preseason, being over his knee issues. Watch how North perform in the JLT and if they are competitive enough and Higgins plays he may be another premium you can grab on the cheap.

Scott Selwood (GEE) MID – $281,800

If you are one of those SuperCoacher’s who likes breaking the guns and rookies approach, David Swallow is likely going to the one player who will break that rule.

Swallow is clearly under-priced, and many will be hoping that he can return to his 100 scoring average. He is obviously not a left field option and will start in roughly 40% of teams.

However, for almost exactly the same price, why not consider Scott Selwood, who is currently in only 7.7% of teams.

In 2012 and 2013 Selwood averaged more than Swallows best season and when fit, is an endurance running machine who was able to consistently score high even whilst tagging – which is rare.

2014/15/16 were all been injury interrupted seasons and included a change of club with absolutely no pre season.

From all reports, his pre season to date has been one of the best at Geelong and the modern game has moved even more towards the gut running style play that would really suit him.

With Josh Caddy being traded to Richmond, an argument can be made that Geelong’s midfield is even weaker than last season, meaning that Selwood is going to play.

Selwood has himself said that he expects to play a mix of roles in the midfield this season, and won’t just simply tag.

I can understand how people believe that Swallow may pull out a 110 season, and on that faint hope they are going with him, however, on exposed form and history, I’d be more confident in Selwood getting to that 100-105 average.

Selwood has the potential to be a bust, but if you love SuperCoach for the strategy I think Selwood could end up being a solid POD to those who employ a similar strategy with Swallow.

Jake Lloyd (SYD) DEF – $460,200

As the 23-year-old enters his 4th season of footy, the reason I consider him to be an #AlternativePremium is because of Lloyd’s DPP status and the fact that he has increased his average every year.

In 2014 Lloyd played 18 games and averaged 58.4, while in 2015 he increased both his games played and his average to 20 games with an average of 69.4, and then last year managed to play 22 games and finished the season with an average of 84.6.

Over the last 10 games of 2016, including the Swans three finals, Lloyd averaged 94 and his role changed slightly as he began to spend the majority of his time on the wing where he racked up intercepts and uncontested possessions behind the ball.

With the Swans having one of the top defences last year, I can’t see much changing in terms of Lloyd’s role within the team.

Therefore, his ending to the year has me expecting Lloyd to finish in the top 10 defenders and at only 460k and currently in only 2.1% of teams, Lloyd is a great #AlternativePremium.

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