5 thoughts on “Why I Won’t Be Starting With Dangerfield Or Gawn In My 2017 SuperCoach Side

    1. Hey Dane. I’m not asking you to take it on board, just my opinion on why I’m not going with them mate. I can see your disagreement on Dangerfield, but I certainly think the Gawn reasoning is very valid.
      Cheers, Shorty.


  1. Hi Daniel,

    interested to know if you are still planning on not starting with Danger?

    I’ve been crunching numbers and there is some logic (albeit unpopular logic) to not starting with him.


    1. Hi Al,

      It’s Aaron here. Daniel might reply if he sees the comment too. I myself have decided to start with him. I’ve also got Gawn at the moment. I figured that I would be happy to start with at least a couple of top liners. They’re going to drop in price but you just never know how valuable they could be early on as captain, etc… Like any year though, there needs to be sacrifices made. I haven’t been able to squeeze Pendles in so will have to target him down the track.


    2. Hey mate. Yeh, I will be sticking to that.

      Oh yeh? What are some of these numbers you’ve come across? I believe from memory a lot of SC winners across recent years don’t start with the top-priced player.


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