Clayto’s Captain’s – Round One

Welcome to the first edition of Clayto’s Captains formerly known as The Captain’s Corner.

The start of BBL|06 is fast approaching and with under two days to go until the season starts along with finalising our fantasy teams we need to make sure we nail our captaincy options to help us all climb the ranks.

Firstly, here is the full fixture list for Round One:

As yround-1-fixtureou can see both Sydney based franchises the Thunder and Sixers have a double game week to start off with along with the Adelaide Strikers. This gives us a great opportunity to nab a ton of points to start the season with the amount of fantasy relevant players from those teams.

However, the Melbourne Stars are the only team this round who have a bye so make sure you leave any of their players you own on the pine.

I would also highly recommend putting the vice-captaincy on a Thunder or Sixers player since they play the first game this tournament so you can loophole them if they perform well and if they don’t you can always choose a Strikers player instead. Here is an example of how to perform this:

1. Put the ‘VC’ on a Thunder or Sixers player such as Andre Russell or Moises Henriques.
2. Ensure you have a non-playing Stars player such as Glenn Maxwell on the field and place the ‘C’ on them
3. If your ‘VC’ performs well you won’t have to do anything because you will now receive double points since the Stars player isn’t competing this round.
4. But if your ‘VC’ had a bad game then move your ‘C’ onto a Strikers player such as Travis Head.

NOTE: It is better to do this with a wicket-keeper so you don’t get the worst score from two players. For example, I am swapping Sam Harper onto the field for Brad Haddin so I don’t get the worst score from my bowling or batting bench.

Anyways let’s look at the Top 5 Captaincy choices for Round One.

1. Andre Russell– Despite being under a drug cloud Andre Russell will still suit up for the Thunder in their opening two games against the Sixers and Renegades. Dre Russ was the highest scoring fantasy player last season amassing a whopping 845 points at a per game average of 84.5. This may even rise because he will bat further up the batting order after the departures of Mike Hussey, Jacques Kallis and the injured Shane Watson. This makes him the top captaincy choice this week and the best option to try ‘VC’ loophole with.

2. Travis Head – The South Australian captain has been in super form with the willow recently at both state level and international level. This bodes well for our BBL Fantasy teams because he will get to bat further up the order at 3 rather than in the middle order. This will give him most of the Strikers batting innings to get his eye in and score plenty of runs. This round he also faces one of the weakest bowling attacks in the competition (the Heat). This should give him a great opportunity to pile on some runs. Along with this he should get a couple of overs each game to complement the Strikers bowling attack. Expect his average of 67 last season to possibly rise into the 70 range. He is the best option to choose from if your ‘VC’ fails.

3. Moises Henriques – The Sixers captain only played 3 games last season after re-injuring his calf which forced him out for the rest of the tournament. In those games though he showed us his huge fantasy potential scoring 219 points at an average of 73. If Henriques continued to score at that average that would result in 146 points in the round! And the best case is I think it could go even higher with the all-rounder batting at 4 which is a great spot for fantasy players and he will bowl 4 overs each game. A great POD option if you don’t want to follow the pack with Andre Russell.

4. Eoin Morgan – Morgan returns to the Thunder in place of the retired South African legend Jacques Kallis. He’s a T20 veteran and has played a remarkable 200 games! This will help a new-look younger Thunder outfit where he will slide into their batting order at 3. I think he is a good option this round and he only costs a very affordable 65K.

5. Brad Haddin – Haddin didn’t have the best BBL|05 fantasy wise and only score 284 points at an average of 40.57 from 7 games. Despite this I believe he is an enticing option because of his wicket-keeper status. With him taking the gloves once again it creates a great chance of scoring opportunities in the field. Add to it his status of opening he could push his average hopefully to the 50-60 range which would be a great return from him.

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20 thoughts on “Clayto’s Captain’s – Round One

  1. Hi Declan ,
    Enjoyable article ,although if you play Harper instead of haddin and your VC doesn’t score ,don’t you miss out on Haddins points as he is not in the line-up ,or do you get Haddins pts regardless as you have Hadds on the Bench as a playing reserve, Thanx for replying ..


  2. what do u think about my team for game week 1

    Bat: head(VC),henriques,lynn,christan,bancroft
    wk: paine
    bowl: russell(C),willey,cutting,johnson,floros


    1. Hey Tim,
      I like the team especially the choice of Christian. Although I feel like you could maximise on the DGW much more by replacing Paine with Haddin and Cutting/Willey to Jordan so you could upgrade Floros to Cummins.

      And also try replace Bancroft because he won’t generate much points as he will bat at around 6 or possibly lower.

      If you could please show me your bench so I can help you more and see where you could upgrade.


  3. Still uncertain whether to start Dre Russ or leave him out of the team as a pod selection.
    Current team is:
    Bat: T Head, G Bailey, J Roy, B McCullum, E Morgan (K Sangakkara, M Harris)
    WK:B Dunk,(T Paine)
    Bowl: D Bravo, D Wiley, S Badree, M Marsh, J Botha, (J Faulkner, D Short)

    If Russell is included Paine, Faulkner and Willey will be taken out for Haddin, Laughlin and Floros. Therefore which combination is better
    1. A Russell, B Haddin, B Laughlin, J Floros
    2. E Morgan, T Paine, D Willey, J Faulkner


    1. Hey mate,
      Really like the look of the team you have.

      If I was to choose between the two combinations I would probably go Option 2 because I think it gives you a better balance even though you would miss out on Andre Russell.

      In your team also I would have a look at getting Henriques in because he will be very handy with his DGW.


      1. I could get Henriques instead of Willey and will leave $0 in salary cap. I think Henriques is a great selection but with his recent injury concerns and not bowling in their practice game over the weekend it is concerning. Therefore I think I will avoid starting with Henriques but will look to bring him in throughout the season.


  4. Clayto is it possible on some advice on my Squad for Rnd 1,Thanx mate.!
    Wk-Haddin (Harper)


    1. Hey Jamie thanks for the reply again,
      I like how you’ve maximised the DGW with your team including as many as you can without overdoing it.

      If I was to suggest changes I would say swap Cutting for Johnson or Badree. Along with that make sure to replace Nair with someone like D’Arcy Short or a similarly priced player because Nair didn’t make the 13-man squad for tomorrow night’s Sydney Smash. If your looking to maximise cash you could swap Harris for Patterson but I don’t think it would be necessary.


  5. Hi mate

    Should I go:

    1. Haddin and dunk on bench for cash generation
    2. Harper and Haddin on bench so that I can use the loophole although Harper might not generate as much cash as dunk will


  6. Hey mate. RMT please

    Bat: Head,Lynn,McCullum,Billings,Hughes (Sanga,Harris)
    WK: Haddin (Harper)
    Bwl: Dre Russ,Henriques,Jordan,Badree,Cummins (Hogg,Sandhu)


  7. Hi Declan, nice article, I think the top 3 are spot on as they are my top 3. What do you think of my team:
    Russell, Head, Roy, Morgan, Marsh (Sangakkara, Harris)
    Haddin (Dunk)
    Henriques, Jordan, Abbott, Pollard, Cummins, (Sandhu, Cartwright)
    Thoughts on Morgan? And bowling bench options, are they good or who do you think I should get? Who are our top options too?


  8. What do you think of this line-up:

    Head, Willey, Bailey, Roy, Patterson (Harris, Sangakkara)
    Haddin (Dunk)
    Russell, Henriques, Christian, Marsh, Cummins (Cartwright, Short).

    Would I be right in saying that there isn’t an emergency option but you get the lowest players score of a bench player that played? Thanks.


    1. I would go Morgan for the DGW then move him on next round or R3 to McCullum so you get Morgan’s DGW along with McCullum’s. Plus after this DGW McCullum should outscore Morgan on most occasions.


  9. I don’t quite understand the captaincy loophole. If i was to select Dre Russ as my VC and Maxwell as my C, doesn’t the captaincy automatically get passed to Russ and locked in? How would I switch it to Head?


    1. You can change your captaincy to anyone who hasn’t played in that round which is why it is a rolling lockout. If Dre Russ scores crap change the C from Maxwell to Head and sub Maxwell for the one you put to the bench for him


    2. Because Maxwell doesn’t play in round one, he never gets locked out. Therefore, you can switch the C onto him and off him all round long.


  10. Hey Declan thanks for the article.

    Just about finalised my team, just a couple decisions to make.

    What pair do you think score more this round , Henriques and Richardson or Head and Laughlin?


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