AFL Draft 2016 – Top 20 Draftees SuperCoach Relevance in 2017

With the 2016 draft class expected to be one of the deepest and most even drafts the AFL has ever seen there are bound to be some absolutely great buys for your SuperCoach team for 2017 and it’s never too early to start pre-season research.

Of course, the earlier the draft pick, the higher the price you will have to pay next year. But with some of the talent that is on display you may just have to pay up to grab rookies who you think could put up some good scores.

So here are my top 20 draft picks for the AFL Draft 2016 and why some of them may just be valuable pick-ups in your team next year.

Rank Name Pos Team State H (cm) W (kg) Approx SC Price
1 Andrew McGrath DEF/MID Sandringham Dragons VIC Metro 179 75 220,000

For a long time, there was a question surrounding whether McGrath was big enough to be a top draft pick, with Will Brodie and Hugh McCluggage being regarded as more well-rounded players in early mock drafts, but after a massive TAC Cup season McGrath’s ability to provide run and carry off half-back could be invaluable for Essendon, or if does manage to slip to #2 GWS, as well as our SuperCoach teams. He is an elite user of the ball not seen at junior football for a long, long time.

Rank Name Pos Team State H (cm) W (kg) Approx SC Price
2 Hugh McCluggage MID North Ballarat Rebels VIC Country 185 75 216,000

According to most scouts, McCluggage is the cleanest ground-level player and the best ball user in this draft. This makes him a great SuperCoach proposition for 2017, however, if he does get selected at #2 by the GWS Giants, will he be able to fit into their star studded midfield or simply just play up forward? Nonetheless, it is still far to early to be counting him out but if I was choosing one of McGrath or McCluggage to start in my team next year, it would be McGrath at this stage.

Rank Name Pos Team State H (cm) W (kg) Approx SC Price
3 Ben Ainsworth MID/FWD Gippsland Power VIC Country 179 74 212,000

Ainsworth has an enormous vertical leap for a “small forward” and will be a handful for a number of defences, but with him playing in a poor Lions team that can at time struggle to get the ball into the F50 I would be avoiding him unless he, and the Lions, absolutely light it up in the NAB Challenge. A good player who can push into the midfield if required, but not likely to be worth the $212,000 he will be priced at as such an early pick.

Rank Name Pos Team State H (cm) W (kg) Approx SC Price
4 Will Setterfield MID Sandringham Dragons NSW/ACT 190 80 207,000

It is extremely likely that Gold Coast or Carlton (at pick 5) will bid on GWS Academy Product Will Setterfield and that GWS will match either of these bids. One of Setterfield’s finest qualities is his ability to find targets inside 50. However, as with McCluggage, he will probably be made to start his career as a forward where he can use his aerial abilities to have an impact. Another player who I will probably not consider extremely relevant SuperCoach wise in 2017.

Rank Name Pos Team State H (cm) W (kg) Approx SC Price
5 Sam Petrevski-Seton MID Claremont WA 181 76 203,000

All that you need to know about Petrevski-Seton is that he is very silky and very fast. That makes Gold Coast the perfect team to take him with their pick, having lost Harley Bennell and Jarrod Garlett in the last two off-seasons. SuperCoach wise it is hard to tell where he stands. He has freakish ground level abilities and takes the game on at every opportunity, all of which makes for some great potential but could he be another Lewis Jetta who just never quite lives up to the scoring potential he should? Who knows. One to keep an eye on over the NAB Challenge.

Rank Name Pos Team State H (cm) W (kg) Approx SC Price
6 Tim Tarranto MID/FWD Sandringham Dragons VIC Metro 186 82 198,000

The midfield is something that Carlton will want to target as it heads into 2017 after a promising 2016, and Tarranto offers great flexibility. He is a very good midfield player and is just as good if not better as a forward. He can also take a great mark, so he’ll be a solid SuperCoach option for next year.

Rank Name Pos Team State H (cm) W (kg) Approx SC Price
7 Jack Scrmishaw DEF Sandringham Dragons VIC Metro 193 75 193,000

Young first year defenders are an interesting option in SuperCoach but if Jacob Weitering has shown us anything it is that we should not ignore them even if they are expensive. I think Scrimshaw could be one of these players. He is great at evading forwards and has one of the most damaging kicks in the draft. One to watch keenly to see where he gets drafted and how his pre-season tracks.

Rank Name Pos Team State H (cm) W (kg) Approx SC Price
8 Jack Bowes MID Surfers Paradise QLD 187 78 190,000

Another Academy prospect, this time from the Gold Coast Academy, it is likely that they will match any reasonable bid for Bowes who is a classy ball-winning midfielder. Played a few NEAFL games late in the season and showed some really good signs so could easily push for senior selection early in 2017, however, SuperCoach wise I would want to see some big scores in the NAB Challenge to strongly consider him as a starting rookie in my team, mainly because of his price.

Rank Name Pos Team State H (cm) W (kg) Approx SC Price
9 Tim English RUC/FWD South Fremantle WA 203 86 185,000

Taking ruckmen early in AFL Drafts doesn’t always work out but with Aaron Sandilands probably only one more serious injury away from having his career ended and Jonathan Griffin 30-years-old himself, English might just be great option for Fremantle and your SuperCoach bench next year. Yes, you will have to pay a slightly higher premium because of his draft position but if he plays and he’s just bench coverage, so why not? One I will be keeping a keen eye on for during draft night and all pre-season.

Rank Name Pos Team State H (cm) W (kg) Approx SC Price
10 Griffin Logue DEF Swan Districts WA 193 92 180,000

Another key defender taken in the top 10, this time of key interest to the Sydney Swans, with Ted Richards having retired this year and Heath Grundy 30-years-old, this mature aged, athletic defender may just be what they Swans are looking for. Unfortunately, I cannot see him having a serious SuperCoach impact in 2017.

Rank Name Pos Team State H (cm) W (kg) Approx SC Price
11 Oliver Florent MID Sandringham Dragons VIC Metro 183 94 176,000

A best on ground performance in the TAC Cup Final for the Dragons has seen Florent’s draft stocks elevate substantially. He works hard and will add some outside polish to North Melbourne’s midfield – if drafted in this position. The Roos are looking to “rebuild” and Florent could be a certain starter in their best 22 next year. One to keep an eye on over pre-season for sure.

Rank Name Pos Team State H (cm) W (kg) Approx SC Price
12 Jy Simpkin FWD Murray Bushrangers VIC Country 181 73 171,000

Simpkin has missed the whole season with a broken leg but was one of the top rated prospects that people seemed to have forgotten about. He has a great range of abilities, he is quick, has a great kick, composure with ball in hand and can find a target inside 50. At $171k and coming off an injury lay-off I would be avoiding him at this stage because broken legs can sometimes take more than 12 months to fully recover from, however, he does have a number of attributes which would make him a dangerous player.

Rank Name Pos Team State H (cm) W (kg) Approx SC Price
13 Will Brodie MID Murray Bushrangers VIC Country 189 82 167,000

Brodie has taken somewhat of a tumble down the rankings through no real fault of his own, meaning that he could just be an absolute steal if taken outside the first ten picks. At 189cm he is a bit of a bull around the stoppages and will add much needed grunt and contested ball winning ability to whoever’s midfield he joins. At $167k he is one player who I think can come in and have a serious impact on our SuperCoach sides next year so I will be keeping close tabs on where he is drafted and how he plays in the NAB Challenge.

Rank Name Pos Team State H (cm) W (kg) Approx SC Price
14 Jarrod Berry DEF/MID North Ballarat Rebels VIC Country 191 80 162,000

Another slider, Berry is a great utility, with pace and leadership two of his most important aspects. He can be used off half-back with great effect or when asked to go into the midfield, he can win his own ball. Another player I will be strongly considering for my SuperCoach team and I’m sure many more will be if he tears it up in the NAB Challenge like I expect he will.

Rank Name Pos Team State H (cm) W (kg) Approx SC Price
15 Todd Marshall FWD Murray Bushrangers VIC Country 198 87 156,000

A very talented key forward which is usually a term that scares SuperCoaches off a player, but Marshall is not your typical key forward. He is extremely agile for a player of almost 200cm and his cleanness around ground-level is exciting to watch. He may take a few years to develop into an AFL ready player so is unlikely to be making any SuperCoach related waves in 2017 unfortunately.

Rank Name Pos Team State H (cm) W (kg) Approx SC Price
16 Harry Perryman MID Collingullie-GP NSW/ACT 184 75 153,000

Another GWS Academy player who is likely to be bidded on around this part of the draft. While he is a midfielder by trade it is expected that he will find a spot in GWS’ back half where he has spent most of this season playing. In my opinion, I cannot see him playing a majority of GWS’ games next season making it improbable that he will be a likely SuperCoach pick-up in 2017.

Rank Name Pos Team State H (cm) W (kg) Approx SC Price
17 Alex Witherden DEF Geelong Falcons VIC Country 185 77 149,000

Just like Jy Simpkin, Witherden has missed the entire year with a broken leg and while he is a defender who adds great kicking off half-back his endurance is something that needs to be worked on. Just like Simpkin, because he is coming off a broken leg and is still likely to be priced around the $149k mark next season I don’t think that he will be extremely SuperCoach relevant in 2017.

Rank Name Pos Team State H (cm) W (kg) Approx SC Price
18 Jordan Gallucci MID Eastern Rangers VIC Metro 183 75 144,000

The definition of an all-rounder. Gallucci can play almost any position on the field (except ruck I suppose). He uses his breakaway speed through the midfield and is extremely damaging. Is likely that he may be a dual position player in 2017 making him one to keep an eye on on draft night to see where he gets drafted, but I expect him to make appearances in 2017. With prices slowly starting to come down, at 144k I will be tempted if he goes alright in the NAB Challenge.

Rank Name Pos Team State H (cm) W (kg) Approx SC Price
19 Daniel Venables MID/FWD Western Jets VIC Metro 186 81 140,000

Venables plays the game extremely aggressively and loves to tackle. He’s also an explosive forward who can do damage by foot. A quick player it is likely he will start his career as a forward with the opportunity in future years to develop into a big-bodied midfielder. Not one I would be considering as a certain starter in my SuperCoach team next year, but I guess you just never know.

Rank Name Pos Team State H (cm) W (kg) Approx SC Price
20 Shai Bolton MID South Fremantle WA 177 67 135,000

If Griffin Logue slips through to the Swans at pick 10 (after academy bidding) it is likely that they will be looking to rectify the one area that may pundits think their team is lacking and that is outside run. Shai Bolton fits this billing perfectly. He has extreme speed and loves to evade a tackle. Bolton is able to pick the ball up off the ground with ease and when played across half-forward can impact the scoreboard heavily. He may just slide into the best 22 at the Swans however, I am not so sure that he will be fantasy relevant in 2017.

So there we have it. That is my Top 20 Draft picks of 2016 and what they might mean to your SuperCoach side in 2017. Of course, there are a number of players who will still get taken outside the Top 20 and may even be better pick-ups for our teams next year but we will have to wait for the NAB Challenge before discussing them in greater detail.

Nonetheless, with the draft on tonight we will be able to get a better idea of who we might be able to target in 2017 and roughly how much they will cost, so keep yourselves tuned into SuperCoach HQ and if you haven’t already why not join the The SuperCoach HQ Pack on Facebook where we discuss all things SuperCoach.

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