Fantasy Stocks: Risers & Fallers

We’re three weeks into the season now and your fantasy team’s strengths and weaknesses will be becoming quite apparent. Players you drafted are potentially underperforming or hopefully exceeding expectations!

I’ll be listing a few players that are either slumping or skyrocketing in value and recommend what to try and do with these players be it to trade them while they’re value is high or ride with them for the season.

Anthony Davis

After a relatively disappointing season in 2015-2106 ‘the Brow’ is absolutely balling – averaging 31 points a game (ppg), 10 rebounds per game (rpg) as well as 2 steals, 2 assists per game and an unbelievable 3 blocks a night. With his average draft position of 11 this season you could argue he is outperforming both Karl-Anthony Towns and Demarcus Cousins who were probably drafted above him in your league.

What to do:

Ride this guy all season long.

He does have a history of injuries which limited him a lot last season, which is something to consider, however, with where you probably drafted Davis his production is insane. To be putting up these numbers while shooting 50% from the field and 81% from the line is historic. Unless you’re getting offered a top-top tier player like Harden or Westbrook just hold onto this fantasy stud and watch his versatility score more and more fantasy points for you.

Isaiah Thomas

One of my favourite players to watch in the league, IT is an undersized point guard who is just tearing it up at the moment for the Boston Celtics. With an average draft position of 25, Thomas is averaging a career best 25.8 ppg along with nearly 7 assists while shooting an incredible 46.4% from the floor, which is great for a point guard (PG).

Having had Thomas on my team last year my only frustration with him was his FG% which was 42.8% on the season. Through 9 games he has upped his efficiency to elite levels while increasing his assists and free throws attempted per game.

What to do

Trade him.

Isaiah’s value will never be higher than it is now. His extremely high usage and field goal % is, I would argue, unsustainable. Based on his career his FG% which is 43.8 I would contend his efficiency will fall back towards that mark as the season wears on.

Also, Al Horford has missed the past 5 or so games with a concussion meaning that upon his return and more familiarity with Boston’s system he will be using up more of Thomas’ possessions.

A big key to winning your fantasy league is knowing when to capitalise on a player’s hot streak that you believe will not last and getting increased value in a trade during this time.

Stephen Curry

After a unanimous MVP season last year with over 400 three pointers made and production all over the board ‘Chef Curry’ has had a tough time so far continuing on with that level of production. It’s funny that a player averaging 27 points, 4 threes made a game, as well as 6 assists and 4 boards is “underperforming” but in contrast to last year he’s started a little slow.

He’s somewhat down on scoring and is only grabbing 1 steal a game as well as dipping in rebounding and assists slightly.

What to do

Hang onto him.

Expect consistency and very good percentages at his current rate but not perhaps at the fantasy ‘god’ rates he did in 2015-2016. The worst thing you could do is trade him for below his value because he hasn’t yet started to reproduce last season’s value. I predict Curry will improve as the season goes on, and as the Warriors become better at sharing the offensive load between their four All-Stars.

DeMar DeRozan

DeMarvellous DeRozan has been absolutely unconscious to start the season averaging 34 ppg on 53.4% shooting from the floor and getting to the line 10 times a game. Throw in 5 boards, 3 assists as well as a steal and half per game and you have a fantasy monster worthy of top 20 considerations who was drafted on average 35th in ESPN fantasy leagues. He won’t make threes for you but with the stats listed above you can definitely overlook that from a SG.

What to do

Trade him for all he’s worth.

This type of production surely cannot be sustained in the long term. Last season DeMar was averaging 23 points on 44.6% shooting, which I have to guess is where his production will go back down towards, as the season progresses.

DeMar does not take the best quality shots sometimes having watched a few Raptors games this year. However with 9 games down he just keeps knocking down the majority of the fade away mid-range jump shots he takes.

That isn’t to say he doesn’t get to the basket at all because he definitely is elite at that part of the game, but low percentage mid ranger jumpers make up a significant part of DeMar’s shot chart.

Those types of shots just cannot lead to a season in which he shoots over 50% from the floor so like Isaiah Thomas; trade this man while his value will never be higher to get some great returns on a mid-third round draft choice.

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