Storey’s Skippers – Finals Week 4: Grand Final (Round 23)

Welcome everyone to the Grand Final addition of Storey’s Skippers for 2016! If ever there was one SuperCoach week to get your vice-captain and captain right, this is it.

The most important piece of advice I can give you this week is do not play it safe. As the round progresses, if you are behind and need to make up some ground take the risk on a POD captain. Dangerfield and Gawn will remain popular choices but as last week showed, matches can be won (and lost) if you make a brave decision.

If you are unsure how to make use of the rolling lockout, which at this stage of the season would mean that you have missed out on using it all year, then have a quick read here.

Now let’s take a quick look at the fixtures this week before we get into which players stand out:


49% of all SuperCoach teams vice-captained or captained Gawn or Danger last week and I can’t see this number reducing dramatically this week. This means that if you want to be brave and vice-captain or captain other players it could work out in your favour dramatically. A brave decision but that’s how Grand Final’s are won aren’t they?

Patrick Dangerfield (GEE) – I’m pretty sure I haven’t left Dangerfield out from a single one of my articles all year (except when he had the bye) and while I considered not writing about him this week, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I don’t need to say much other than to point out that if Danger scores 130+ points he will have done so exactly 11 times in the 22 games he has played this season, an unbelievable achievement. If you want to play it safe I’d be vice-captaining Danger.

Max Gawn (MEL) – Gawn is the second highest SuperCoach scorer in 2016, which is an unbelievable accomplishment for a ruckman considering midfielders usually have the opportunity to score many more points. Max has been in superb form averaging 143 in his last 3 and 133 in his last 5 including two scores of 150+ and a lowest score of only 108 in his last 7 games. Having only played the Cats twice in his short career there isn’t a great deal of form to go on, but Max did score 146 against them the last time they played down at Simmonds Stadium. There is little reason to think that he will not go large again.


Patrick Cripps (CARL) – It could be argued that Cripps is the best under 22 player going around at the moment and after his last five matches, in which he is averaging 130 points, it is hard to argue. His record against Essendon isn’t very good but as we know Essendon haven’t been the same this year with half of their regular team missing. With the form Cripps is in, if you are one of the 11% of teams who has him and want to be a little bit different, I would take the risk and put the vice-captaincy on him. It might just the POD you need to claim a win.

Joel Selwood (GEE) – Another left field choice, but like last week, he loves playing the Demons with a career average of 115. Another one of his loves is playing at Simmonds Stadium, where he averages 116 throughout his career. If everyone else is going for Dangerfield as vice-captain, it might just prove to be beneficial to take the chance on Selwood if only because of history.


With only two top eight teams playing on Sunday, there are only really a few players that we can seriously consider for captaincy if our vice-captain doesn’t work out. Nonetheless, it would be remiss of me not to discuss them, as most of them are POD’s:

Tom Rockliff (BRI) – The Lions have been deplorable all year but Rocky has maintained his ability to consistently put up high scores. In the last six weeks he has averaged 124 and, surprisingly, has a great record at Etihad stadium where he is averaging 105 from 21 matches in his career. Even more impressive his his average at Etihad this year which is a ridiculous 147. The Saints are still a mathematical chance to make the finals (if you believe in miracles) but have proven to be a bit up-and-down this year, leading me to think that Rocky could just want to end the season with one last final crack in what will probably be Justin Leppitsch’s last game in charge.

Scott Pendlebury (COLL) – A big day out for Pendles last week with a massive 165 against Gold Coast, who apparently spent the whole week down in Melbourne but still didn’t manage to make it to the MCG for gameday. Nonetheless, Pendles loves nothing more than playing the Hawks with an impressive career average of 114 and scores of 184 and 121 in his last two outings against the three-time reigning premiers. But beware that after a big score last week Pendles does sometimes struggle to back it up with when he scores more than 140. He will likely be a popular Captaincy option if Danger doesn’t score well, but by Sunday you may need to take a risk on a POD captain.

Good luck to all teams this week, hopefully a number of you will be able to taste the glory of holding the Premiership Cup aloft in the last weekend of August!

It has been my pleasure to take you through the relevant skippers each week and hopefully I will see all you of back next year.

Make sure you keep SuperCoach HQ open in your browsers as fantasy sports never stop, with the A-League and NBA seasons about to get underway.

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