Storey’s Skippers – Finals Week 3 (Round 22)

Welcome back everyone to the penultimate addition of Storey’s Skippers for 2016. For some of us, these last two weeks can’t come quick enough, but nonetheless, the importance of the vice-captain loophole remains.

If you are unsure how to make use of the rolling lockout, which at this stage of the season would mean that you have missed out on using it all year, the have a quick read here.

Now let’s take a quick look at the fixtures this week before we get into which players stand out:



Sam Mitchell (HAW) – This year, Mitchell seems to do one of two things. Score less than 90 or more than 135! Managed to accumulate 37 disposals last week against North and generally loves playing the Eagles. Scored 144 against them earlier in the year, and while this game is away from home, scores of 122 and 118 in the Qualifying and Grand Final last year, means he might just be up and about once more. With the Hawks playing on a Friday night Mitchell is a great option.

Daniel Hannebery (SYD) – A few weeks ago, Hanners had his mid-season lay off, during which his scoring generally falls away, but in the last three weeks we have seen him return to the type of form that we are accustomed too. His form against the Kangaroos is very good with a career average of 99.5 from 8 matches and earlier this year he scored 126 against them at the SCG. Also, in his one match down at Blundstone Arena he scored 140. One of the best VC options this week considering he plays in only the second game of the round. I will be locking him in!

Josh Kennedy (SYD) – If you don’t have Hanners, or your opponent has also made him vice-captain, I would strongly consider JPK as another option. An average of 123.8 points per game in the last five weeks demonstrates just how well Kennedy has been playing and having absolutely dominated the Roos, with 35 touches and 12 tackles combining to give him a massive score of 161, earlier in the year I would expect him to score very well once again. As with Hanners, he has only played one match at Blundstone and scored 136. Another great option.


It’s a tough week this week with both Max Gawn and Patrick Dangerfield playing on a Sunday afternoon. Of course, assuming you have someone who won’t score, you could vice-captain Gawn and see what his score is like at half-time before making a decision regarding whether to captain Dangerfield against the Lions, but it is something I will be avoiding. Nonetheless, it would be remiss of me not to discuss either of them:


Patrick Dangerfield (GEE) – Two weeks in a row Danger has let around 44% of teams who have captained him down with what he, and we, would consider poor scores. This week he plays the Lions against whom he scored a whopping 166 last time out. I’d expect the Lions to play much more attention to him and Mitch Robinson may even get the job to tag him. My confidence in Danger has been dented a little bit and for this reason I would consider how well you are performing in your matchup before deciding whether to captain Dangerfield or not. I’m hoping my vice-captain will make the decision easy for me!!


Max Gawn (MEL) – Frankly, I’ve had to start a Gawn report just for how well he has been going pretty much all year, but specifically the last few weeks. What is a little quirky this week is that Gawn has only ever played Carlton three times in his career with scores 69, 53 & 39. I will be staying away from big Max this week as his previous record against Carlton scares me and I’m not sure if he will score massive for 3 weeks in a row. I could very well be wrong but it’s no to Max from me.


Joel Selwood (GEE) – A bit of a left field choice, but if you need a point of difference to help you get into a Grand Final, Selwood is your man. He loves playing the Lions with a career average of 120.9 and with two scores of 170+ in his last three matches, as well as a 138 from earlier in the year. At the GABBA, his last three scores are 140, 135 and 114. It’s a tough one but I am leaning more towards Selwood than Dangerfield this week.

Marcus Bontempelli (WBD) – The Bont has been in supreme form. Since Round 7 he is averaging an impressive 119 and averages a ridiculous 134 in his last two weeks. Plays Essendon in the last game of the round, so if you are wanting to VC Gawn and wait the whole match to see how he goes, the Bont may just be your man if things go awry. Otherwise, you can also VC Danger/Selwood and get to half-time before making a decision about whether to Captain Bont! A risky choice but one that could pay off. Scored 121 against Essendon last time out.

Good luck to all teams this week and hopefully a number of you will be back next week to find out who I will be making vice-captain and captain for Grand Final week!!!

Make sure you keep SuperCoach HQ open in your browsers all weekend for all the important information you need, to give yourself an edge over your opponents all throughout the weekend.

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