Player With PODential – Finals Week 3 (Rd22)

Hey guys! I’m back with some point of difference players for Round 22. I had a break last week and was slightly late with this weeks one, but there’s no Hawks or West Coast players so it works out ok! It’s only going to be brief, but addresses all four positions. Enjoy!

DEFENCE – Zach Tuohy ($451000 – 1.1% of teams)
Zach Tuohy only averaged 79 last year and is only averaging 80 in 2016. He has always put in the odd big score among some lower scores, but he’s started to show some consistency over the last month and a bit. He averaged 98.6 over the last six games and 113.7 over the last three (third highest defender).

MIDFIELD – Dom Tyson (486,500 – 0.7% of teams)
Dom had a mini breakout year when he averaged 94 in 2014. He dropped off a bit last year and has been up and down this season. His last four weeks of 104, 102, 112 and 146 have been great. The random 40-60s he has produced worries me, but he might be hitting some consistency at the right time and could be an option for you if you’re short on cash for a midfield upgrade.

RUCK – Brodie Grundy ($503,100 – 2.8% of teams)
Obviously big Max Gawn is the main man to get, if you don’t already have him. But the next best option at this stage of the season is not really known. Over the last 3-5 weeks, Mumford has been the number two to Gawn and Goldstein is thereabouts, with Brodie Grundy. I did speak of Brodie Grundy a few weeks back, but he deserves a mention again for having kept up his scores. Since the byes (eight games) he has averaged 106. He is ranked (for ruckman) fourth over the last three rounds and third over the last five rounds.

FORWARD – Nick Riewoldt ($461,400 – 5.3% of teams)
Roo is another guy that I have mentioned in 2016. However, considering the forward POD options seem few and far between, it’s worth throwing his name into the ring again. He didn’t start great after the byes (a 69 and 79 within the first four return games) and has an average of 84 since his bye. However, he looks to have turned that around over the past four weeks, averaging 98.5 (higher than his season average of 97). He has Richmond and Brisbane to play against and averages 106 and 94 against them respectively, across his career.

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