Buy Hold Sell – Finals Week 1

Ok, it’s now finals, when all your hard work that you have put in during the year has hopefully paid off. You are sitting pretty in the top four in each of your leagues and your side is jam packed full of premiums. Or……….
You’re like me and going worse than hoped. There is always next year.

But if you still have trades left, don’t despair as there is still the minor premiership to be won. Let’s be honest, it’s still a premiership – at least that’s what I’m telling myself!

So for the first time I’m starting with the sell component of my article …. Let’s go:

If they have been dropped, injured or not selected and you are playing elimination finals you need those premium points on field so SELL them all this includes:
Sam Jacobs
Dylan Shiel
Josh Wagner
Mitch McGovern
Nick Malceski
Jesse Lonergan
Reece Conca
Tom Liberatore
Jack Macrae
You get the picture, none of these guys will help you win your premiership. Make the most of this opportunity and go for the glory as there is no next week if you lose.

But if you are secure in the top four with good coverage for Shiel or Jacobs, they are supposed to only miss one game each …maybe!

Let’s look at some options that could fill the void for this week and also hopefully get you the ‘W’ you long for:


Daniel Rich 411.6k Average 85 BreakEven 27
Alex Rance 450.9k Average 97 BreakEven 34
Grant Birchall 440.1k Average 85 BreakEven 51
Jimmy Bartel 467.3k Average 96 BreakEven 59
Jason Johannisen 404.6k Average 92 BreakEven 61
Heath Shaw474.3k Average 108 BreakEven 82
Corey Enright 532.2k Average 98 BreakEven 95
Rory Laird 499.8k Average 98 BreakEven 109
Kade Simpson 537.2k Average 106 BreakEven 119
Sam Docherty 562k Average 110 BreakEven 129
Matthew Boyd 509.1k Average 101 BreakEven 141


Brendan Goddard 501.1k Average 100 BreakEven 49
Patrick Cripps 508.2k Average 101 BreakEven 59
Bryce Gibbs 530.5k Average 105 BreakEven 75
Dan Hennebery 485.7k Average 112 BreakEven 80
Adam Treloar 499.1k Average 106 BreakEven 84
Taylor Adams 498.7k Average 100 BreakEven 85
Robbie Gray 547.7k Average 107 BreakEven 96
Steele Sidebottom 505.2k Average 105 BreakEven 99
Lachie Neale 521.9k Average 111 BreakEven 103
Josh P. Kennedy 596.8k Average 113 BreakEven 105
Scott Pendlebury 584.5k Average 119 BreakEven 106
Rory Sloane 545.4k Average 109 BreakEven 113
Stephan Coniglio 552.1k,Average 109 BreakEven 114
Jack Steven 553.9k Average 107 BreakEven 116
Trent Cotchin 486.6k Average 103 BreakEven 128
Sam Mitchell 561.9k ,Average 106 BreakEven 129
Joel Selwood 569.3k Average 112 BreakEven 139


Devon Smith 425.4k Average 83 BreakEven 43
Touk Miller 409.5k Average 71 BreakEven 43
Steven Motlop 382.6k Average 84 BreakEven 48
Eddie Betts 408.5k Average 88 BreakEven 73
Jack Gunston 509.9k Average 98 BreakEven 87
Nick Riewoldt 455.8k Average 96 BreakEven 89
Toby Greene 454.7k Average 90 BreakEven 90
Tom.J. Lynch 510.4k Average 94 BreakEven 98
Daniel Wells 486.6k Average 101BreakEven 104
Josh J. Kennedy 376.2k Average 94 BreakEven 111
Dayne Zorko 519.7k Average 110 BreakEven 116
Leigh Montagna 456.6k Average 97 BreakEven 116
Zach Merrett 589.8k Average 109 BreakEven 138
Dustin Martin 583.3k Average 110 BreakEven 155
Luke Dahlhaus 422k Average 96 BreakEven 161


Shane Mumford 471k Average 96 BreakEven 81
Brodie Grundy 498.5k Average 93 BreakEven 89
Todd Goldstein 500.9k Average 110 BreakEven 105
Max Gawn 593.1k Average 117 BreakEven 131

Hopefully your team is full and every player on your team gets leather poisoning this weekend, so all results go your way.
Good luck with the finals series I hope the silverware finds you.

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