Storey’s Skippers – Round 20

Welcome everyone, to the most important week of Storey’s Skippers yet. With all teams playing at least 1 final this week, your vice-captain and captain options have never been so important. Hopefully I will be able to guide you through, who I think, the best options are this week and we can get some big scores for our captains (or vice-captains).

As I am sure all of you are aware by this stage of the season, using the rolling lockout to your advantage is vital. If you are unsure of how to use this loophole just click on the following link, which has a simple list of instructions to follow.

Now let’s take a quick look at the fixtures this week before we get into which players stand out:



Patrick Dangerfield (GEE) – Danger has been the best option all year, of this there is little doubt. However, with his game being the second-to-last for the weekend, we are unable to just put the VC on him knowing we have the back up of our captains if he doesn’t score as highly as usual, and being so late in the round he might be very difficult to loophole. I’m taking this as good news because it gives us an array of players we can discuss, and choose from, which may result in being another POD for your side.


Scott Pendlebury (COL) – Pendles had a slow start to year (and was probably a little sore due to injury) but has finished this season in the type of form that made him such an important SuperCoach pick for every midfield. A 119.6 average per round coupled with three and five round averages of 121 and 124.8 respectively, just shows how ridiculously good he has been scoring. With a match against the Tigers this week, who look like they have just given up, Pendles could go very large.

Rory Sloane (ADL) – Similar to last week, not much more needs to be said, other than stating the fact that Rory is coming up against the hapless Lions this week, who, after their win a fortnight ago, were truly awful against the Port Adelaide last week. Sloane averages 117 at the Adelaide Oval and has scored over 135+ five times this season. Just be wary of the Mitch Robinson tag as he has claimed a few scalps throughout the year. Still a very strong candidate for your vice-captaincy.

Josh Kennedy (SYD) – I suggested last week that Josh P Kennedy was in great form, and with a super impressive average of 134.7 in the last 3 rounds, it is hard to argue against at least considering him, if you are one of the 13,000 teams that have him in your side. He has a career average of 110 against the Power and looks to be firing on all cylinders as the finals approach. A great option.


As discussed above, with Danger playing on a Sunday, most team will look to captain him, but if you are wanting another couple of options in the Sunday twilight game, I would be looking to these two players:

Matthew Priddis (WCE) – The Eagles season has flat-lined severely, so much so that their away form is becoming a serious concern. Nonetheless, at Subiaco, Eagles players are still extremely fantasy relevant. One such player is the Brownlow Medallist, Matthew Priddis, who is in pretty good form with averages of 118 and 121 in the last three and five rounds respectively. Back at their home ground, could this be the match that turns the Eagles season around? Who knows, but if you are looking for a left field choice, Priddis could be your man.

Lachie Neale (FRE) – While Neale’s scores have dropped off slightly from those incredible mid-season performances, he is still scoring pretty well. A solid 112 points game last week against the Swans in a 90-point loss, when Hannebery, Kennedy and teammate David Mundy went absolutely bonkers, was a good effort. I thought the Dockers would lift for Pavlich’s 350th game last week, however that wasn’t the case. I cant say that I expect them to “lift” for Pav’s last ever western derby but surely they cant play any worse? With all this being said, Neale is a quality option if you VC Danger and he got injured or didn’t score as well as anticipated.

Good luck to all teams this week and and while for some this week may see the end of your league fixtures, remember the year never ends until the completion of Round 23 and your ranking can still improve significantly. Make sure you keep SuperCoach HQ open in your browsers for all the important information you need to give yourself an edge over your opponents all throughout the weekend.

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