Player With PODential – Round 20

During the year, I’ve brought you some solid point of difference options for your side. Since Round 17, I’ve looked at multiple players to give you a range of PODs over different positions and at different prices. Those players were:

  • DEF: Zac Williams & Shaun Burgoyne
  • MID: Marcus Bontempelli, Josh P Kennedy & Clay Smith.
  • RUCK: Brodie Grundy.
  • FWD: Tom J. Lynch.

To finish off this list, I will add another forward to your options! Probably my most left field one of 2016, if not all-time. After scrolling through some options in the forward line I came across one of my favourite players to watch; Maverick Weller. He is probably more interesting to those that are thin on trades and don’t have a lot of money to spend. However, read on and see if he interests you.

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MAVERICK WELLER – $429,300 – FWD/MID – In 1.9% of sides
Mav has never been classed as an elite AFL player or an absolute gun. What he does do, is give his all. Particularly for St.Kilda, since arriving to the Saints after being delisted by Gold Coast. His hard at it, give 110% attitude has made him a fan favourite and elevated him to being a member of the leadership group. He has had roles in the backline, as an attacking midfielder, a defensive midfielder and now finds himself playing mainly as a half forward. He’s never been a SuperCoach star, but has had a slow increase since his first season: 51 (2011), 54, 60, 62, 72 & 80 (2016). Weller has the ability to score 85-115, but his consistency has always been an issue; a 50 here, then a 95 there. 

This first two thirds of the 2016 season, were much like the his SuperCoach career to date – very up and down. In the 12 rounds before the bye, he scored two tons (a high of 105), but produced five scores under 70 (a low of 38). Since the bye, he scored a 117 from 19 disposals, 7 marks and 2 goals (his highest score of 2016). He followed that up with reasonable scores of 76 & 80, but it’s his last three weeks that have been particularly impressive and more importantly, consistent. His three round average is 96 and that has come from scores of 97, 95 & 96. He hasn’t done anything special during that period, but his 110% effort is seeing him play some quality football; averaging 18 disposals, 6 marks, 2.5 tackles, 4 inside-50s and just under 2 goals a game.

  • Mav’s average before the bye: 73 SuperCoach points from 12 games
  • Since the bye: 93.5 SuperCoach points from 6 games

Verdict: Unfortunately, I am stranded on one trade and only have about 385k to find a Libba replacement. I am stuck with the likes of Isaac Smith, Stevie Motlop and Brad Ebert; I will take a stab and hope I pick someone who has four decent games! If I had the money I would certainly consider Mav. In terms of the upcoming matches, he averages 84.5 against Richmond (Rd22), despite never having averaged over 72 a year before this season. He should be able to give Brisbane (Rd23) and Carlton (Rd20) a run for their money, while Sydney (Rd21) might prove the toughest ask of the remaining games.

What are your thoughts? Drop me a comment.


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