Buy, Hold, Sell Round 19

First of all, I would like to start by congratulating all the milestone men this week on behalf of the crew at SuperCoachHQ for their magnificent careers to date and going forward as well. They are all true greats of the game.
Brent “Boomer” Harvey,
Jimmy Bartel,
Matthew Pavlich,
Corey Enright,
Sam Mitchell (last week).

It’s a privilege to have watched their careers

Ok, now down to business.

Corey Enright 512.6k Average 98 BreakEven 52
The evergreen Cat, doesn’t look like slowing down and was best on ground on the weekend and with a milestone game on the weekend will put his best foot forward again.

Sam Docherty 556.4k Average 110 BreakEven 93
Has emerged as the best rebound defender in the game, is a must have.

Bryce Gibbs 511.3k Average 105 BreakEven 60
Started the year on fire, then had a low patch for a while but last couple of games has recaptured that early season form. Would make a great point of difference in your side.

Tom Rockliff 565.9k Average 107 BreakEven 65
Has found that rich vain of form we all knew he is capable of. His body his holding up and just maybe, this form will help his contract negotiations.

Zach Merrett 589.7k Average 110 BreakEven 90
Just keeps on producing great numbers for his owners, if you don’t have him… Get him in.

Dayne Zorko 519.9k Average 111 BreakEven 91
If you’re a little bit more strapped for cash, you can get the same average for $70k less than Merrett here.
Both sensational options.

Now for those people that can’t quite get that premium player they desire but still want some bang for their buck:

Kade Kolodjashnij 326.3k Average 70 BreakEven 52
KK actually started the year as a premium defender and poor form and injury has effected his season to date but Melbourne, Essendon and Collingwood all amongst his final five rounds, could be some good scores coming.

Jimmy Bartel 463.7k Average 96 BreakEven 91
Brings up 300 games this weekend, Jimmy loves the big stage and it would not surprise me if he put up a good 100 this weekend.

Brad Crouch 423.6k Average 80 BreakEven 60
One of the most popular buys at the start of the season and finally starting to show something now after multiple good games with scores of 83, 83, 109, 112 & 89 from five straight games.

Patrick Cripps 482k Average 100 BreakEven 57
He will be a superstar of the game in coming seasons if he is not already, could he add to your midfield?

Clay Smith 330.5k Average 86 BreakEven 35
He has come back in ripping form, he adds some more class to that Bulldogs forward line.

Jack Gunston 495.7k Average 98 BreakEven 57
Hawthorn has a great run home and Jack will be a key.

And last but not least, if you’re looking to make some cash to finalise your team, here are all the guys who are either debuting or have played a few games that will help with team coverage heading to finals:

Brendan Whitecross; Def/Fwd 198.3k Average 79 BreakEven-37
Josh Cowan; Def 155.4k Average 60 BreakEven -25
Aaron Francis; Def/mid 198.3k 86 on Debut
Ryan Clarke; Mid 181.1k Average 72 BreakEven -46
Sam Menegola; Mid 117.3k 97 on debut
Josh Schoenfield; Mid 117.3k 65 on Debut
Adam Marcon; Mid 102.4k on Debut
Rupert Wills; Mid 117.3k on Debut
Oleg Markov; Fwd 164.1k Average 59 BreakEven -3
Shane Yarren; Fwd 117.3k 61 on debut
Sam Skinner; Fwd/Def 117.3k on Debut
Michael Close; Fwd 127.6k on Debut
Harrison Himmelberg; Fwd 153.3k Average 56 BreakEven -18

Good luck heading into the finals.

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