Storey’s Skippers – Round 19

With this being the final round of league games, and with Geelong playing on a Friday night, the VC will be going straight onto Dangerfield for pretty much every single one of the 66% of teams that own him (how do 34% not have him??). See below for further discussion about Dangers current form.

Just like every week, it is important to make use of the rolling lockout and the vice-captain loophole. If you are unsure of how to use this loophole just click on the following link, which has a simple list of instructions to follow.

Now let’s take a quick look at the fixtures this week:



Patrick Dangerfield (GEE) – Danger had a ‘poor’ game by comparison to his usual standards, scoring 111 which is his second lowest score in 9 weeks. He does however, have a great opportunity to rebound with a great score against a depleted Dogs side who he scored 173 against just 5 weeks back. Danger hasn’t scored below 111 at Simonds Stadium from the 6 matches he’s played there.

Dustin Martin (RIC) – I usually avoid players from teams that aren’t contending for finals, but Dusty might just be contending for the Brownlow, so will be giving his all for the remaning Tiger games this year. In 5 of his last 6 matches he has had 35+ touches. Since Round 6, ‘Chopsticks’ has averaged 120 SC points, a seriously impressive number.

While the Tigers are coming up against the red-hot Giants, Dusty actually has an impressive average, 113, which is his second best against any side. In there last two matchups he has scored solid scores of 113 and 134.

The Tigers play in the second game of the round so for those who aren’t or can’t VC Danger, or if he doesn’t score 125+, then Dusty is a great option.


With a number of Sunday games if your vice-captain doesn’t work out you can always consider these players, some of which would make for some nice POD captains:

Max Gawn (MEL) – I said it last week, but I just have to say it again. Big Max is now my favourite player in SuperCoach. He has been in absolutely ripping form since round 10 averaging 126.

Max has the third highest average per game so far this season and is averaging 131 in the last three weeks. He faces the Suns on Sunday, a team who he scored 174 against last time these teams played each other, and although it is at the G I’d be confident that Max will be able to continue to perform.

Gawny could just be the number one C option this week.

Rory Sloane (ADL) – Not much needs to be said, other than Rory comes up against the hapless Bombers this week, who were truly awful last week, in the last game of the round.

Since round 11 including last weekends poor score of 83, Sloaney is still averaging 115 and has gone very large on a number of occasions scoring 135+ four times. Last time out against the Dons Sloane scored 145 and also averages 117 at the Adelaide Oval.

It’s a huge call to put the C on him, but one that could pay off in a big way.

Sam Mitchell (HAW), Tom Rockliff (BRI) and Josh Kennedy (SYD) – Last week it was probably the nostalgia talking when I suggested captaining Mitchell, but this week is more reasoned. Mitchell loves playing in Tasmania averaging 126 in the last 5. Tom Rockliff has been hitting some nice form of recent times and is averaging 125 in the last three weeks. Lastly, Josh Kennedy, of the Sydney variety, is in some superb form. He is averaging 128 in the last 3 weeks and a very solid 113 vs Fremantle. All three of these players are good solid picks if your vice-captain is a bust.

Good luck to all teams this week and hopefully we see some big individual and team totals this week. Make sure you check out Aaron’s Player with PODential for this week and I look forward to seeing you all back next week for some more captaincy options, in what will be the first game of finals for all teams.

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