Player With PODential – Round 19

We’re into the final round of the SuperCoach regular season. Hopefully you’re locked into your leagues top 8 or are in striking distance and can have a win this week. To help you out, I have found a couple of gems that could help you get there.

JOSH P. KENNEDY – MIDFIELDER – $575,900 – Selected in 5.7% of sides

JPKJPK has been a stellar SuperCoach player for the past five years, averaging 120, 105, 114, 110 & 111. He really hasn’t had a bad patch this season, which makes it surprising he is in under 6% of sides! He scored 75 in Round 1 and his scored under 100 since then have all been 95+ (95, 97, 99, 99). He is regularly scoring around the 100 mark, but has the ability to go big; he has s
cored 117, 119, 124, 125, 127, 140 & 161 throughout the year. He has been particularly impressive over the last few week, averaging 128 SuperCoach points per game, compared to his season average of 111.6.

Verdict: He is a yes for me. You know you’re going to at least get around 100 from JPK, with the possibility of a 120-130+ if he has a high tackling or high contested possession game. A perfect, and nicely priced, upgrade on Libba or Kerridge this week.

SHAUN BURGOYNE – DEFENDER – $510,400 – Selected in 7.6% of sidesSilkBurgoyne
Not as much of a POD as JPK or the usual types
of guys mention in Player With PODential. However, he’s worth a mention nonetheless. Burgoyne is known by the nickname ‘Silk’, and tends to turn a game on its head or stand up when the Hawks need a match winner. He is averaging 126.3 over the past three games and 111.4 over the past five; the averages have been made to look slightly better because of a 159 in Round 17. Silk has scored three tons in a row since Hawthorn’s bye. Interesingly enough, he had only had two tons in the fourteen games before the bye.

  • Before the bye: 14 games, 2 scores of 100+, average of 84.
  • Since the bye: 3 games, 3 scores of 100+, average of 126.

Verdict: Very risky picking a guy who only averaged over 86 twice from 2009-2015 (99.5 in 2010 & 94.2 in 2014). Before the bye, his scores weren’t good enough (only five scores over 90) but he seems to have a turned a corner since. I would definitely give him a chance, but I could like to watch him for one more week before grabbing him, especially at his current price.


Both images from The Herald Sun… Let me know what you think! Will you be grabbing either of these guys?

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