Buy, Hold, Sell – Round 18

Fellow SuperCoach players, it’s quickly becoming that time of year when you’re secretly crossing your fingers and hoping that there is no surprise outs or injuries to your squad of players, because you’re either short of trades or completely out of trades.

Let’s see if I can help out.

OK, either way, if your not at full premium by this stage you must be bringing in your last one or two this week. Break-even’s don’t really matter either because you’re all searching for the best available to get you the premiership or overall success.

Need some more money?
Cash Cows:

  • Oleg Markov (Rich) Fwd 117.3k Average 68 BreakEven -65
  • Ryan Clarke (Nth) Mid 117.3k Average 59 BreakEven -47
  • Sam Naismith (Syd) Fwd/Ruck 123.9k Average 66 BreakEven -57
  • Reuben William (Bris) Def 102.4k Average 45 BreakEven -27

There you have it, those are the best options I would think on each line to make money with this week.
These are the other players who still have negative break-evens:

  • Jason Castagna (BE: -39)
  • Matthew Hammelman (-28)
  • Nathan Broad (-49)
  • Thomas Cole (-19)
    And last but not least
  • Clay Smith (WB) Fwd/Mid 294.3k Average 91 BreakEven -13

Are you getting any of these to make some money on, or are you solely concentrating on completing your team with premiums?



  • Jack Steven 535k Average 107 BreakEven 69
  • Robbie Gray 526.4k Average 105 BreakEven 79
  • Josh P Kennedy 558.3k Average 110 BreakEven 84
  • Callan Ward 509.3k Average 109 BreakEven 90
  • Matthew Priddis 536.4k Average 105 BreakEven 92
  • Trent Cotchin 500k Average 106 BreakEven 95
  • Marcus Bontempelli 586.8k Average 107 BreakEven 98
  • Tom Mitchell 489.2k Average 104 BreakEven 62


  • Sam Docherty 547.8k Average 110 BreakEven 90
  • Kade Simpson 539.4k Average 106 BreakEven 122
  • Matthew Boyd 528.6k Average 102 BreakEven 126
  • Rory Laird 489k Average 98 BreakEven 69
  • Corey Enright 491.4k Average 96 BreakEven 86
  • Heath Shaw 488k Average 109 BreakEven 124


  • Zach Merrett 566.5k Average 108 BreakEven 79
  • Dustin Martin 575k Average 111 BreakEven 89
  • Dayne Zorko 518.2k Average 111 BreakEven 107
  • Leigh Montagna 466k Average 98 BreakEven 84
  • Jack Gunston 479.1k Average 96 BreakEven 87
  • Nick Riewoldt 461.2k Average 96 BreakEven 98
  • Josh J Kennedy 445.7k Average 98 BreakEven 119
  • Tom J Lynch 462.1k Average 92 BreakEven 42

I guess by now you have all heard about Mick Barlow being out for the rest of the year, so for anybody that held onto him (myself included) it’s definitely time to sell.
Other notable outs this week are
Aaron Hall
Jared McVeigh
Jake Stringer
So if you have these guys and really need league wins it may also be time to move them on to secure the four points on offer.

Sam Kerridge
Just keeps on keeping on he has now put up five hundreds for the year and now looms as great bench coverage or even a F6 if need be.

Good luck with the last couple of rounds heading into finals.

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