Storey’s Skippers – Round 18

As the SuperCoach season begins to wind down, more and more options are becoming available to teams for captaincy and vice-captaincy as trades begin to run low and all teams have 22 premiums. These are just some of the best options to consider this week.

Just like every week, it is important to make use of the rolling lockout and the vice-captain loophole. If you are unsure of how to use this loophole just click on the following link, which has a simple list of instructions to follow.

Now let’s take a quick look at the fixtures this week:



Dangerfield as vice-captain is hard to go past, and with Geelong at Simmonds Stadium up against Danger’s old side, the Crows, we can only hope that Danger scores more SC points than the amount time times Channel 7 mention or refer to it in some way in their broadcast. Nonetheless, if you are looking for some other VC options, here are a few players to consider:

Dan Hannebery / Luke Parker (SYD) – Luke Parker has been in some good form in recent weeks averaging 126 in his last 3, after a few quiet weeks in a row. Hanners has gone the other way averaging 95 in the last 5. With the Swans up against the Blues this week the two of them don’t have the best overall records averaging a paltry 86 & 82 respectively.

However, in two out of his last three against the Blues, Parker has scored 116 & 123 while Hanners managed to score 121 last time out vs the Blues. Based on recent form and Parker’s occasional tendency to play a shocker, both Hanners and Parker aren’t exactly the two most consistent scorers in the past few weeks, so you would probably want to VC either of them rather than straight out C.

They do play in the second game of the round, so if they score poorly you can always back them up with Danger, Gawn or anyone else that you consider a viable option.

Max Gawn (MEL) – Big Max is now my favourite player in SuperCoach. He has been in absolutely ripping form since round 10 averaging 126 including scores of 141 and 124 in the last two weeks.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on my articles in previous week, you would know how much Max loves a road trip, and he does so again this week, flying all the way over to Perth. In the 5 games he’s played outside of Melbourne this year Gawn is averaging a ridiculous 154.

Although he has scored just 66 & 41 in the two matches he’s played vs the Eagles (1 earlier this year and 1 last year) this weekend should be different as the Eagles are without Nic Nat. A great VC option.

Scott Pendlebury (COL) – After starting the season off slowly and playing a role which really didn’t suit his strengths, Pendles has become the 2nd most valuable player to vice-captain because he is just so consistent. As he is playing in the first game of the round on Friday night he is yet again an extremely good vice-captain option.

It also helps that North is one of Pendles’ favourite sides to go up against as he averages a solid 116 from 12 matches against them. In two of his last three games against the Roos Pendles has scored 128 & 160 and at Etihad Stadium, the venue for this match, he averages 116. Hopefully on Friday night Pendles will deliver a massive 140+ score.


With a number of Sunday games if your vice-captain doesn’t work out you can always consider these players, some of which would make for some nice POD captains:

Tom Rockliff (BRI) – He has been playing pretty well of late and with this week’s match-up being a battle at the bottom of the table Rocky could score 204, just like he did the last time he played at Etihad. With the Lions a chance for a win against the Dons Rocky will be looking to take the Lions to victory. A very interesting Captaincy choice.

Sam Mitchell (HAW), Robbie Gary (PTA) and Callan Ward (GWS) – Maybe it’s just the nostalgia that’s making me write this but with this week being his 300th game and with his recent form, I think he is definitely a good choice this week. Mitchell loves playing the Tigers averaging 115 vs them and scoring 125 and 110 in two of his last three. Robbie Gray has been hitting some nice form of recent times and averages 115 at the Adelaide Oval, making him a good pick this week. Callan Ward scored 143 on the weekend and averages and impressive 114 against the Power. All three of these players are good solid picks if your vice-captain is a bust.

Good luck to all teams this week and hopefully we see some big individual and team totals this week. Make sure you check out Aaron’s Player with PODential for this week and I hope to see you back next week for some more captaincy options.

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