Player With PODential – Round 18

Last week I decided to look at three point of difference players, covering a range of positions, to help you finish off your side. I am doing the same this week, but covering the positions that I missed. Prior to Round 17, I looked at Marcus Bontempelli for the midfield, Zachary Williams for defence and Clay Smith (mid/fwd) as a dear cash cow/bench cover. All those guys did well, scoring 121, 95 and 98 respectively. This week the focus is on a premium ruckman and forward. Enjoy!

BRODIE GRUNDY – RUCK – $491,700 – Selected in 2.4% of teams140911_grundy300

I’m going to start by saying that I didn’t just look at Grundy after his 104 last week. I did have him ready to and into last week’s article, but wanted to keep my eye on him for just one more week, and he didn’t disappoint. You might be surprised to read this, given his season average of 91, but Grundy is the second highest scoring ruckman over the past three and give rounds; second only to Max Gawn. I know that it’s cheating a little, but if we take out his
three really poor games (54, 61, 63) then his season average jumps up to 99. His recent averages look like this:

  • 3 games: 107.3
  • 4 games: 107
  • 5 games: 103.2
  • 6 games: 99.3

Verdict: Leading into finals, there’s always the concern that a popular ruckman – such as Goldstein – gets rested. If an injury or a resting rears its ugly head, then Grundy is likely to be your man; assuming you have Max Gawn. Not only is he a POD, but on recent form he’s the best option (aside from Gawn).

TLynchTOM J. LYNCH – FORWARD – $462,100 – Selected in 3.1% of sides
The big fella has had a fantastic year, booting 51 goals and sitting 3rd in the Coleman medal race. Lynch’s stats are outstanding and should see him very close to slotting into the All-Australian side. Aside from kicking the 3rd most goals, Lynch is 7th for total goal assists, 1st for marks inside-50, 6th for marks, 1st for contested marks and 1st for time on ground percentage. He has kicked goals in every game and he’s booted multiple goals in all bar two of those games. The only thing stopping him from being an out-and-out SuperCoach premium is the handful of poor games he’s had, something that generally haunts key forwards. If not for his scores of 37, 42, 66 & 69, he’d be in more sides as we could put up with the odd 70-80. In Lynch’s favour is that his lower scores have come when Gold Coast had their massive poor patch. Splitting his season into thirds based on form looks like this:

  • Rounds 1-4: 113.5
  • Rounds 5-11: 69.3
  • Rounds 12-17: 107.4

Verdict: I would probably still prefer to get a commonly picked player over Lynch. However, it’s likely you’ve already got a mix of of the obvious players, Martin, Merrett, Zorko, and so on. Lynch could be a perfect addition to your side if you’re need to trade out Barlow, Deledio (if he misses gam es) or even Wells (if he doesn’t return to form).

Let me know your thoughts. Will you be grabbing either of these guys?

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