Buy, Hold, Sell – Round 16

Well I guess I can talk for everyone when I say, “I’m glad those byes have finished.” Now it’s the time of the season where we almost have a full premium side or we are looking for those final few premiums to finish our starting 22. But to do those last couple of upgrades we need to find cash from somewhere, so let’s start by looking at the available rookies this week on the bubble.

Nathan Broad (Rich) 117.3k Average 59 BreakEven -49
I don’t think Richmond will play finals now, so it is the time to look to the future and Broad looks to be just that. Also, Broad seems to be the best rookie going forward this week.

Eric Hipwood (Bris) 162.3k Average 55 BreakEven -12
In a similar boat to Broad where is he is at a club that needs to see what they have got to take them forward, Hipwood is sure to get games but price rises will take a little longer due to his higher starting price.

Matthew Kennedy (GWS) 166.8k Average 51 BreakEven -1
Probably the next best after the two guys above, but with Devon Smith and Rhys Palmer returning from injury in the NEAFL, I don’t know how many more games he will get.

Jack Silvagni (Carl) 117.3k forward scored 70pts on debut
Only if you’re keen or desperate! Looks very talented, but I will be waiting another week myself.

Other Guys on the bubble but with poor job security include:
Thomas Cole (WCE) 117.3k Average 44 BreakEven -19
Aliir Aliir (Syd) 123.9k Average 45 BreakEven -15
Cory Wagner (NM) 117.3k Average 41 BreakEven -12
Sam Reid (GWS) 118.9k Average 51 BreakEven -30

Not a lot there in regards to rookies this week and if you’re in the market for a rookie at this time of the year, they need to have good job security to cover any late season injuries/suspensions, so choose carefully.

Great upgrades this week include:
Matthew Boyd 523.3k Average 102 BreakEven 94 – Ever reliable and consistent.
Kade Simpson 537.2k Average 106 BreakEven 94 – Key part to Carlton’s game plan and will get plenty of ball because he uses it well.
Nick Malceski 337.1k Average 74 BreakEven -5 – Played best game so far for Gold Coast on the weekend, could he return to his 2014 form?
Jared McVeigh 463.6k Average 89 BreakEven 34 – Great consistent SuperCoach player over a long period of time, not slowing down.
Grant Birchall 414.1k Average 83 BreakEven 57 – A mainstay at Hawthorn for a long time, great user with ball in hand.
Zac Williams 473.9 Average 93 BreakEven 58 – The new kid on the block, loves a kick following in Heath Shaws footsteps.

Hopefully that gives you a broad range of players to choose from all price ranges with great breakevens this week. Next is the midfielders. If you’re bringing them in at this time of year your wanting to see at least a hundred average, so here are a few I have found this week:

Lachie Neale 558.7k Average 113 BreakEven 90 – Last year he was great, this year he has taken his game to a premium level.
Rory Sloane 588.6k Average 109 BreakEven 102 – Thriving with the Number 1 midfield role at Adelaide.
Luke Parker 484.5k Average 111 BreakEven 27 – Cheap as chips this week, purple patch coming up?
Sam Mitchell 487.6k Average 104 BreakEven 34 – Getting his Mojo back at the right time of the year.
Lachie Hunter 483.9k Average 101 BreakEven 80 – A part of the very exciting Western Bulldogs midfield, gets plenty of ball.
Bryce Gibbs 485.6k Average 103 BreakEven 85 – Started season on fire, can he recapture that form?

Do any of those guys come into your calculations? All of the above would look great in your side. Now for the forwards, who is going to put their hand up for your last remaining spots??

Jack Riewoldt 510.3k Average 97 BreakEven 47 – He has been been turning it on of late, can he keep it up
Zach Merrett 523k Average 105 BreakEven 85 – Those that started with him just keep cheering, hasn’t disappointed
Lance Franklin 444.8k Average 96 BreakEven 49 – Great price, the superstar needs to be considered
Aaron Hall 400.6k Average 96 BreakEven 51 – Can he get back to his early form, I certainly hope so.
Steven Motlop 377.9 Average 85 BreakEven 52 – It’s either Boom or Bust for Motlop, risky but when he is on WOW.

Just a quick look at…
Stefan Martin 404.5k Average 84 BreakEven -1 – Back to back hundreds and a nice return to form, playing as sole Ruck at Brisbane is what he loves and thrives upon if you haven’t set up final Ruck spot he is worth considering

Hope they help you out finishing your side to full premium status

I want to look at these together for two reasons, Sam Kerridge and Tom Liberatore both have been amazing servants for our sides throughout the year.

Sam Kerridge has played every game so far and has locked himself into the Carlton lineup, so job security shouldn’t be an issue. He knows how to find the ball pumping out Four Hundreds with an overall average of 84.2, which is quiet acceptable, if your able to put him as your M9/M10 (midfield bench) or F7 (forward bench) he will be great coverage with his DPP status. Those are the reasons to keep, but if you aren’t at full premium and need that last forward or midfielder then you only need to find that little bit of cash to turn him into a Franklin or Mitchell type and with his BE at 115 this week, you need to decide which way you are leaning.

Now For Tom Liberatore who has also played every game this year coming off a knee reconstruction is quiet an effort, Eight scores of 90+ this season including Five Hundreds and an overall Average of 97.6 is probably above and beyond what all us coaches where hopping for at the start of the season, once again my preference would be to have him sit as your first midfield reserve as he probably is just short of a full premium. Tough decision as he is priced at $487.5k and is an easy upgrade option to a Premium player.

Which ever way you go, remember you want to improve your side; finals are closing in.

Good luck,

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