Storey’s Skippers – Round 16

Welcome back everyone for another week of Storey’s Skippers. With Round 16 signalling the end of the bye rounds, and with most teams starting to reach completion, there are a plethora of options to consider.

Just like every week, it is important to make use of the rolling lockout and the vice-captain loophole. If you are unsure of how to use this loophole just click on the following link, which has a simple list of instructions to follow.

Now let’s take a quick look at the fixtures this week:



Most people will go with Dangerfield, as vice-captain and really it’s hard to argue against that reasoning, but if you are looking for some other VC options, here are a few names to consider this week:

Gary Ablett (GCS) – Last week was actually a bit of a disappointment for Gazza, only scoring 87. His form is still very good however, with supremely impressive three and five round averages. His fixture this week, also makes him an enticing prospect, as the Lions are the second leakiest team for scores conceded above 125. The only thing that could work against an Ablett VC is the Mitch Robinson tag.

Max Gawn (MEL) – An argument can be made to suggest that Gawn is now the #1 ruck in the competition. Gawn has an impressive away average of 157 outside of Melbourne and with this week’s game against Fremantle occurring at TIO Stadium in Darwin, Gawn could be in for another big week. Be aware however, that for as bad as Fremantle have played this year, they have a good record of keeping opposition teams to low scores.

Tom Rockliff (BRI) – If you are one of the 13% of teams that has Tom Rockliff, you would be very happy with his form since returning from injury. Solid three and five round averages, as well as the match against the Suns makes him an extremely appealing option. He has as high a ceiling as pretty much any player and with his contract negotiations in the news, this could provide motivation for Rockliff to put in a supreme performance in the Q-Clash.


With the return of three Sunday games there are a couple of good options to consider this week, in the case that your VC doesn’t work out:

Matthew Priddis  (WCE) – A hot and cold season for Priddis, a bit like the Eagles really, but at home this week, coming off an impressive 122, as well as being up against a North Melbourne midfield that has been leaking SuperCoach points in recent times, makes Priddis a definite option for the Captain of your side this week. Of course picking Priddis is a risk but he is an option for those that are looking for something a little bit different.

Rory Sloane (ADL) – The Adelaide Crows are quickly becoming a serious premiership threat and with a number of games to come at the Adelaide Oval, who knows where they may end up. Many pundits predicted Adelaide, but particularly their midfield, would struggle this season with Dangerfield moving to Geelong. However, Sloane has stepped up and with him being in only 10% of teams he will be a very unique choice who can score heavily. One to keep an eye on in the coming weeks.

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