Player With PODential – Round 16

The byes have finished and what a fantastic feeling it is! I’m back again with a point of difference, for Round 16.

                   (image from GWS Giants website)

Price: $530,700
Position: Midfield
Games Played: 13
Season Average: 109.6
3 Round Average: 119 (7th highest straight midfielder)
5 Round Average: 103.6
Selected In: 1.7% of sides
Breakeven: +69


  • Has had a super consistent season. Coniglio played Round 1 in the NEAFL and scored 78 & 96 on his AFL return. Since that point, he has produced eight scores over 110 from eleven games, with only one of those eleven scores below 95 (a 66 in Round 11). From Round 4 onward he has averaged 113.7 (including the season low 66).

       (stats from FootyWire)
  • He’s not much dearer than his 2016 starting price. Coniglio started the season at $494,600 after averaging 91.4 last year. He immediately started rising and hit a high of $578,700 a few weeks back, before the 66 put his price into a decline. Coniglio now sits at $530,700 and has a very achievable breakeven of 69.
  • This season doesn’t appear to be a once off. If you look at SuperCoach guns, they tend to go through a 3-4 period where they rise steadily until they become a premium. Coniglio is a former pick number 2, so there’s no doubting his footballing ability. His SuperCoach season averages have been 76, 74, 84, 92 and now 109 – it seems as though he’s destined to continue averaging around 105-115 this season and will be a definite 2017 option.


  • Playing in a star-studded midfield. Conliglio is in a midfield packed with stars like Ward, Scully and Shiel. However, it doesn’t appear that they’re stealing points off each other as they’re all having great seasons as players and in the SuperCoach world.
  • Coniglio the tagger. This season, Coniglio has done some tagging roles, along with Tom Scully. However, it doesn’t seem as if it’s affected Coniglio too much.

There’s a few better midfield options out there, but not many of them are going to be a point of difference in your side. As you can see, Coniglio has been super consistent, averaging 113.7 from Round 4 onward, with his scores generally over 110. The biggest positive is his price. If you’re having trouble affording one of the big guns and you really want to upgrade Libba, Kerridge or Petracca, then Coniglio could be your man. Personally, I am holding Libba at M8, but if I want to trade Libba, then Coniglio will be one of the players I will be considering, as he’s a straight trade from him (depending on my cap). Worth the punt.

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