Storey’s Skippers – Round 15

Hi guys, we are back again for another week of Storey’s Skippers. With Round 15 being the last bye round, and with all team without Patrick Dangerfield this week to captain, we are likely to see a wide range of captain and vice-captain options. As with the previous two bye rounds, only the highest 18 scoring players will be taken into account.

Just like every week, it is important to make use of the rolling lockout and the vice-captain loophole. All you have to do to take advantage of the loophole is simply make a player who has the bye captain as they will not be locked out until the commencement of the Melbourne Adelaide game on Sunday afternoon.


As we are running low on viable captain options this week there are only a few players to seriously consider, including the following:

Gary Ablett (GCS) – The little master is back. His mid season and rest, has done him the world of good and he’s back to his very best. With no Dangerfield this week and with 43% of teams still having Gazza it would not be overly surprisingly to see most teams decide to make Gary vice-captain. Having gathered a lazy 40 possessions last week and with two scores of over 170 in his last three games against the Saints it could just be the type of week where Gaz goes absolutely bananas. The only thing to be wary of is Seb Ross who managed to keep Dangerfield to a reasonable amount of touches last week.

Josh Kennedy (WCE) – The Eagles are back at the main stadium and are coming up against the Bombers who put in a much improved effort against the Giants in their last match. However, as we know the Eagles are a much better side at home, by quite a number of goals. The most obvious weakness within the Bombers team is without a doubt their defence and this lends itself to Josh Kennedy kicking an absolute bag. However, keep in mind that Kennedy booted five majors against the Lions’ struggling backline in his last match, which resulted in only 88 SuperCoach points. There is a certain degree of risk with putting Kennedy vice-captain but he could explode.

Dustin Martin (RICH) – Dustin is another player in superb form and his opponent this week, makes him extremely relevant as a vice-captain option. Port Adelaide have conceded more 125+ SuperCoach scores than any other team this year, even the Lions. Therefore, with this knowledge and the fact that “Chopsticks” is averaging 122.8 and 123.3 over the last three and five games respectively, you would be silly to ignore the possibility that Dusty could go very, very large this week against the Power.


While there is only one game this week on Sunday afternoon, there are still plenty of Captaincy options should your use of the VC loophole not work out. My best options for this week include:

Dan Hannebery (SYD) – After 11 consecutive scores of 100+, the last two games have been a little bit of a disappointment for Hannebery owners. Hanners is prone to a mid-season drop but I can’t see his past two scores (86 and 92) continuing. In the last game Hanners played against the Bulldogs he scored an impressive 144. The week off will have done him the world of good and I expect to see another score above 100 at the very minimum.

Scott Pendlebury (COLL) – Similar to Hannebery, Pendlebury was down on his extremely impressive season against the Dockers, albeit in terribley cold and wet conditions at the MCG. He also has a tremendous average against the Blues, 120+, with scores of 158 and 143 in his last two games against the old enemy. While Ed Curnow does try to tag at times, Adam Treloar or Steele Sidebottom are more likely to be the ones tagged, leaving the Pies skipper to be gifted freedom once again.

Rory Sloane (ADL) – Few started with Rory and while his form at the start of the season wasn’t exactly setting the world on fire it was still extremely solid. It is within the last few weeks however, that Sloane has had some very large scores. With this weekends game being an important one for the whole Adelaide Football Club, I expect their best players to play exceptionally well to honour their fallen coach, and while he is definitely a high risk high reward type of captain, if you have him, this might be the week to take a chance on Sloane scoring another 130+ points.

Good luck to you all this week, I hope that the last bye round is kind. With complete teams starting to take shape, and all teams returning to play next week, we may have some more left-field captain options to discuss.

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