Buy Hold Sell – Round 15

OK, good news fellow SuperCoach lovers! This is the last of the bye rounds, so let’s start by removing all our bye players for the week:

• Fremantle
• Hawthorn
• Brisbane
• Geelong
• North Melbourne

This week probably more than the other two previous bye rounds, we are missing a lot of “premium” players, therefore making numbers on field more important to achieve respectable scores.

Playing Rookies this week are scarce with only a few relevant rookies fronting up for their Third game.

Tom Phillips (Coll) $117.3k Fwd/Mid, 75 Average, -80 Breakeven
Is definitely the must have this week after playing a belter on the weekend and ending up being named in Collingwood’s best for the day. His spot in the foreseeable future looks good and the dual position status will be handy.

Jesse Joyce (GCS) $122.1k Def/Mid, 35 Average, -5 Breakeven
Played an improved game on the weekend and with Gold Coast’s ever growing injury list, Jesse looks set to have a few more opportunities at least to apply his craft.
Once again he is a dual position player so that could be handy for his buyers, and Def/Mid is a bit harder to come across.

Jonathon Marsh (Coll) $236.3k Def, 77 Average, -11 Breakeven
Has played a couple of nice games of late, reads the ball well and took some good intercept marks with Collingwood’s ever changing defensive guard. He seems to be in-form at the right time for the Pies.
A slightly larger price is not positive but recent form is.

Aliir Aliir (Syd) $123.9k Def, 45 Average, -15 Breakeven
Not setting the world on fire by any means and probably just holding the spot while Ted Richards is injured.
Not for me.

Those that held onto Connor Menadue congratulations on the 130pts last week, and better news is his breakeven is -19! He will have a few more weeks of money making yet but he is not a trade in target if you don’t already have him.

Some PREMIUMS this week with great breakevens include:

Gary Ablett $606.2k, 119 Average, 82 Breakeven
The last couple of weeks he has been back to his brilliant best, winning contested footy and lots of possessions.
Plus, it’s Gary Ablett!

Matt Crouch $467.6k, 90 Average, 37 Breakeven
I thought I would throw him in, he has put a few great games together (132, 103, 144) and if he can keep up the scoring at this rate he would make a great point of difference for your team.

Sam Docherty $567.1k, 110 Average, 93 Breakeven
Has been a model of consistency the whole year so far and looks to be a must have in your backline going into the final part of this year.

Dustin Martin $577.9k, 110 Average, 55 Breakeven
It seems like it is really clicking at the moment for Dusty, he is really stamping himself as a midfield star, which will be bad news for us SuperCoach players next year as he will be only midfield eligible. Make the most of him as a forward this year.

Leigh Montagna $475.1k, 100 Average, 53 Breakeven
Could be the Best Buy of the week, as he scored 45 pts three weeks ago, followed by back to back hundreds. He has bottomed out now, he is a SuperCoach favourite and everyone should be considering him this week.

Tom J Lynch (GCS) $386.5k, 88 Average, 21 Breakeven
Once again I thought this made interesting viewing, is one of the few shinning lights at the Gold Coast in this horrid season, has a great pair of hands and has been getting up the ground to help out. Could be an X-Factor come late in the season and an excellent F7.

Remember this is the last bye round, so make sure you have your 18 on the paddock first and foremost, any extras are a bonus.
I look forward to next week when I will be back with the chance to talk about all eighteen teams (!) and all the relevant buys.

Cheers Paul

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