Interview with the SuperCoach Leader

It’s what we all dream of. Very few get to experience it. 

But Louis from Victoria is currently ranked #1 in SuperCoach as of round 14. He’s pretty pumped and we’re pumped for him. You can check out his team page here.

He was kind enough to take time out of his SuperCoach research to answer a few questions for us.

SCHQ: What were the big calls you made at the start of the year regarding selection? Any unique picks?
Louis: I went back and forth on so many decisions with my side that I don’t know where to begin. Not starting with Tom Liberatore was a decision that was a clear mistake after the first two rounds but I managed to get him in after Tom Rockliff went down with injury.

It was a blessing in disguise as the extra cash allowed me to upgrade an under performing Jordan De Goey to Dayne Zorko in round three, who was the best forward POD in the game.

The unique pick I went with this year was Dylan Shiel. Was the only decision where I went with my heart over my head but I felt he was in for a big year. Although he hasn’t produced any incredible scores I am fairly happy with him.

SCHQ: How much time and effort did you put into your SC pre-season?
Louis: If only I tried as hard in school, I could have been something special!

As soon as I could access my team I was all over it. Crunching numbers, analysing statistics and reading up on as much information as I could. After the NAB challenge games were complete I spent countless hours trying to get my team right but it was something I definitely enjoyed doing as a passionate AFL and SuperCoach fan.

SCHQ: You’ve navigated brilliantly through the first two bye weeks, did you deliberately plan for them or were you happy to take them as they came?
Louis: When I finalised my team before round one, the byes had very little influence on any final decision and they were a problem I planned to deal with when the time came through trading.

As the byes were approaching and my rank was rising however, I knew the bye period would be a make or break period so I did plan for them, ensuring I had at least 19 playing each round and knew which players I would bring into my side in the future rounds.

“I knew the bye period would be a make or break period so I did plan for them, ensuring I had at least 19 playing each round”

SCHQ: Have you made any dud trades or obvious blunders along the way?
Louis: The biggest trade mistake I made was trading (out) Daniel Wells in round nine. The Achilles injury seemed to have flared up, I didn’t know how long he was to miss, and I thought he wasn’t going to be a keeper.

When he returned he became one of the best forwards in the game. I did trade him for Sam Docherty so no regrets there, but the patch of 120+ scores (from Wells) would have been handy!

SCHQ: Do you reckon you’ve got enough gas left in the tank to take home the $50k?
Louis: It’s going to be real tough and the recent injury to Michael Barlow doesn’t do me any favours! There’s a long way to go but if I can stay there-abouts come crunch time, I don’t see why not. Fingers crossed ladies and gents!

SCHQ: Do you have any pearls of wisdom for the SuperCoach battler out there?

  • Nail your rookies pre-season, research helps.
  • Don’t trade players who you picked as premiums unless they get injured or there’s a clear positional trade. I feel the hold of Michael Barlow (after he was dropped for round eight) allowed me to shoot up the ranks in recent weeks.
  • Get in players who have proved they can perform. Trading in Joel Selwood in round six has been a big part of my success so far. He has proved he can do it before on a consistent basis and after a down year and I knew he could bounce back.
  • And finally, be lucky. You can study your backside off like I did, but you can’t win without a bit of luck!

Thanks for your time Louis, all the best mate for the rest of the season!

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