Buy, Hold, Sell – Round 14

Ladies and gentleman, welcome back to week two of the byes.
Let’s start by moving your round 14 bye players to the bench!
🔵 Essendon
🔵 Melbourne
🔵 Port Adelaide
🔵 Sydney Swans
🔵 West Coast
🔵 Western Bulldogs

Ok, now that’s done:

Rookies that come to us on the bubble this week include:

Sam Reid (GWS) Fwd/Mid $118.9k, Average 51, Breakeven-30
Sam is easily the most relevant rookie this week, his numbers haven’t been amazing, but his mature body stands him in good stead for the rest of the season.
The dual position player (DPP) status is also a plus going forward.

Rhys Mathieson (Bris) Mid $117.3k, Average 56, Breakeven -41
Played his two games, I think about three weeks ago and everyone had their finger on the trade button to bring him in, but didn’t get named for game three. Has since been back in the seconds racking up good numbers, so surely he gets named this week with Tom Bell going down with a knee injury for the rest of the season.

Kieran Lovell (Haw) Mid $126.3k, Average 53, Breakeven -30
Similar boat to Rhys above played his two games before being sent back to the seconds to improve his trade, and was again named in the best for Box Hill on the weekend. Job security isn’t the greatest if he manages to finally get his third game, but if he is sitting at M9 it won’t matter too much.

Premiums with great breakevens this week include

Patrick Dangerfield (Geel) Mid $708.8k, Average 136, Breakeven 35
Yes, that is right he is going off at the moment and not getting any cheaper, next week you could be paying $730-750k to get this superstar.

Sam Mitchell (Haw) Mid $451.7k, Average 100, Breakeven 75
Returned to some form on the weekend which hopefully he holds going forward, I can’t see him being any cheaper than this for the rest of the year.
Risk vs reward, he could be a great buy going forward.

Rory Sloane (Adel) Mid $554.5k, Average 106, Breakeven 80
The Adelaide gun comes in at a great price this week and he has already had his bye so no need to worry about that. When Rory is on has the ability to pump out some great scores for his owners.

Michael Barlow (Fre) Fwd/Mid $519k, Average 99, Breakeven 48
Has frustrated a lot of owners this year, but with three hundreds back to back (to back), he has reinvented himself on the run. Could you buy him back?

Dustin Martin (Rich) Fwd/Mid $536.1k, Average 109, Breakeven 100
Richmond’s bye is done and dusted, first cab off the rank for Dusty’s Tigers is Brisbane…
I’m not saying he is a must but if you don’t have him it’s definitely a nice prospect.

Jimmy Bartel (Geel) Def/Mid $527.6k, Average 99, Breakeven 94
It seems with our backline this year ‘what’s old is new again’ is a fair analogy in so many ways, with Jimmy and Corey Enright still playing amazing footy and consistently still ranking up points. Both of these guys would not look out of place in your side, don’t be scared by their age.

Kade Simpson (Carl) Def $528.7k, Average 105, Breakeven 98
As above, hasn’t slowed and is still vitally important to Carlton’s set up. Carlton have had its bye so it should be smooth sailing to the end of the season.

Stefan Martin (Bris) Ruck $370.2k, Average 83, Breakeven 30
Could it finally be that return to form for the big guy?
That I don’t know, but with Nic Nat going down with injury Stefan could be an inspired pick up, especially if he recaptures last year’s form. And you’ll make some money from the trade too.

Hopefully a few of those appeal to your team.
With byes still taking place for the next two weeks you need as many troops on the paddock as possible so be careful with who you bring in this week, and more importantly who you SELL.

Good luck,

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