Storey’s Skippers – Round 13


G’day guys and welcome to Storey’s Skippers for Round 13. With this round being the first of the bye rounds, and with only the highest 18 scoring players being taken into account, vice-captain and captain options become very important this week.

Just like every week, it is important to make use of the rolling lockout and the vice-captain loophole. However, unlike other weeks, all you have to do is simply make a player who has the bye captain as they will not be locked out until the commencement of the twilight game on Sunday.


This is the list of vice-captain options I would consider this week:

  • Josh Kennedy (WCE) – Kennedy kicked 8 goals against the Lions in Round 1, and scored 180 points. While that game was played over in the West, JJK could have another field day, and as we know the Eagles do have a reputation for being flat track bullies. I don’t think the Lions have the personnel to go with the Lions and while the Eagles didn’t exactly set the world on fire last week, going scoreless in the last quarter, they should get back on track this week and I think Kennedy will play an integral part.
  • Patrick Dangerfield (GEE) – So I took the vice-captaincy off Danger 10 minutes before the Cats and North game last week and have been having nightmares since. I have therefore learnt, painfully, never to not have the C or VC on Danger. His score as captain was the difference between a good and a great score and it showed once again just how important getting it right is.

This weekend Danger comes up against the Doggies who he has scored 101, 113 & 120 against in their last 3 meetings. At Etihad this year he has scores of 229 and 127, and in Dangers last three weeks he’s averaging 160 and 140 from his last 5. His numbers are ridiculous and there really isn’t much more you can say. LOCK HIM IN!!!

  • Todd Goldstein (NTH) – Big Goldy still has a bit of an injury cloud over him which makes him a risk. Since Round 6 Goldy is averaging a measly 104, which includes a 173 so really he isn’t in the best of form. However, the big man loves playing at Etihad where he is averaging 123, in the past two seasons, including some massive 150+ scores. He’s the perfect VC option and if you’re up for a risk, this could just be the game that Goldy makes his mark on.


Max Gawn (MEL) – As a Swans fan I hate to say it, but big Max could just have a field day with Tippett missing and the ruck duties expected to be carried by young rucks Nankervis and Naismith. As stated in previous weeks, Gawn loves a road trip and is averaging an impressive 130.2, including two ridiculous scores of 170+. A solid Captain options this week.

Daniel Hannebery (SYD) – The streak is dead. After going 11 rounds without a score under 100, the Giants managed to work the Swans midfield over and they all struggled to have their regular impact. Don’t expect that same sort of performance again this week.

Heath Shaw (GWS) –  Could have an absolute field day against the Bombers. In his last three matches against the Dons he’s scored 122, 127 and 130 and in his last 5 matches he’s averaging 133.8. We could see another massive score from Shaw, against the hapless Bombers.


  • Anyone from Essendon and Brisbane – Bomber Thompson has accused the Bombers of not trying to win anymore, and while harsh it is within their best interest not to. For that reason, I wont be touching a single Essendon player for the rest of the season. Ditto Brisbane. They’ve really been atrocious this season, despite some good scores from Zorko and Rockliff they just lack the soldiers to be competitive every week. Avoid at all costs.

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