Player Radar – Mark Blicavs

Bruised, battered and depleted. These are three words that many SuperCoaches may use to describe their ruck department in their SuperCoach sides. With Nic Naitanui (in 26% of sides) and Kurt Tippet (in 7% of sides) expected to miss big time on the sidelines, SuperCoaches are faced with the difficult challenge of finding a reliable and relatively good scoring ruck for their sides.

Player: Mark Blicavs
Team: Geelong Cats
Age: 25 Years and 2 Months
Price: $431,600
Position: MID/RUCK
2016 Average: 94
3 Week Average: 72
5 Week Average: 82
110+ scores: 5

Mark Blicavs has had a decent start to the 2016 season. Averaging 94 and playing every game so far, Blicavs is my number one option to bring in for Nic Nat and this article should help you to decide on whether he is the right man for you too.


His body: Blicavs has only missed two games in the last three years. With ruck bodies being extremely unreliable this year, Blicavs is a player that can be trusted more than players like Shane Mumford, Scott Lycett and even Todd Goldstein, whose body doesn’t look right at the moment.

Price: Blicavs is $131,100 cheaper than he was at the start of the season. If he can get back to his average of 104 from last season, Blicavs could prove to be a steal selection and could make lots of money and score valuable points for your team.

Scoring Potential: Blicavs knows how to produce a reasonably good scoring output each week. With only two scores under 80 (51 and 53) and five scores over 110 including a score of 123, Blicavs produces an output that will be good enough to cover the void of Nic Nat, Tippett or even an out of form ruckmen like Stef Martin. Blicavs scored 12 tons out of a possible 21 games in 2015, where he averaged 104.


Form slump: Blicavs started of the season on fire with scores of 123, 115 and 117. Blicavs has since returned a three round average of 72 and has had his average drop to 94. There is no way of knowing if Blicavs form slump will end soon but if it does you could have yourself a bargain buy.

Verdict: In this article I have discussed what I think the pros and cons of selecting Mark Blicavs in your team are. In this article the word ‘could’ is mentioned very often, this highlights the uncertainty on whether or not Blicavs can get back to his very best. In my opinion I think Blicavs is the perfect ruckman to trade in at this current time and I highly recommend bringing him in.

If you have any questions about this article comment below or message me on Twitter @joshyg222.

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