Storey’s Skippers – Round 11

Welcome back everyone to Storey’s Skippers for Round 11. After an enforced hiatus last week, I’m back to walk you through some potential vice-captain and captain options for your team this week.

Just like every week, it is important to make use of the rolling lockout and the vice-captain loophole. If you are unsure on how that works just click on the following link.


In Rounds 1-10 of the 2016 season, there have been 194 scores of 125+, which are deemed to be acceptable captain scores.

On average, Brisbane’s opponents score 1812 points per game (ppg), followed closely by Fremantle (1766), Gold Coast (1757) and Essendon (1730).

In losses however, North (who in fairness have only suffered 1 loss), Gold Coast, West Coast, Brisbane, Port Adelaide and Hawthorn all concede 1800+ points to their opponents, making them the best teams to target when they could suffer a loss.


A number of SuperCoach teams I’ve seen, tend to vice-captain a player playing on either Friday night, Saturday afternoon or Saturday night, leaving the option of using the Captain on Sunday.

However, I’ve dug through the numbers and discovered that this may not be the best approach to maximise the potential of you Captain’s score.

In total across the first 10 rounds, there were 17 acceptable Captain scores out of a possible 50. That’s only a 34% chance of selecting an acceptable Captain score if you decide to leave it until Sunday.

Given the above information, I would strongly consider not vice-captaining a player on Saturday evening.


Below is the list of vice-captain options I would consider this week:

  • Todd Goldstein (NTH) Comes into this game against the Tigers under an injury cloud but is averaging 130 in the last 3 games and if he plays could dominate once again. Keep a very close eye on the teams.
  • Dustin Martin (RICH) – He is arguably Richmond’s most important player and his last few weeks have been immense. Averaging 120 over the last three and five rounds means he could have a big game, particularly if Richmond get up and win.
  • Dayne Zorko (BRIS) – Clearly Brisbane’s best player at the moment. Finds ways to continually wrack up possessions and hits the scoreboard with at least a couple of goals. If you want to take a chance on Zorko as vice-captain against the Blues, it may just come off.
  • Patrick Dangerfield or Joel Selwood (GEE) – Not the finest few weeks for the Cats with back-to-back losses against the Pies and Blues. But they are back home at the Cattery this week, albeit against the Giants. Both have been a little off the last few weeks and by all reports are looking to make a statement.


Gary Ablett (GCS) – The G.O.A.T is back. He was pretty sore to start the season but returned last week for a super impressive 143. There are however, two things to be wary of this week. The first is that the weather is meant to be absolutely appalling on the Gold Coast on Saturday night, with 100 millilitres of rain expected. The second, is Tom Mitchell. As we saw a fortnight ago, Mitchell went to his namesake, Sam Mitchell, and kept him to 15 touches. If your vice-captain doesn’t work Gary could be a Captain option.

Daniel Hannebery (SYD) – Ten straight 100’s for Hanners to start the season with six of these over 120. Nothing more needs to be said. A very good option for Captain. The rain won’t have much of an affect Hanners’ game style, in fact it probably helps him, so don’t let that be a deterrent.

Josh Kennedy/Tom Mitchell (SYD) – The Swans are a high scoring SuperCoach team and the depth of midfield is a major part of this. Josh Kennedy had been a little bit down to start the season but after a week off a fortnight ago, he is finally hitting his straps. A huge score of 161 was only bettered by Max Gawn and Tom Mitchell. A massive 178 for Mitchell (41 possessions) last week saw him return to the high scoring ways we know that TMitch possesses. Like mentioned above, just be very wary of Mitchell’s role because if the Swans decide to tag Gary Ablett his scoring potential will be limited.


  • Max Gawn – Many of you may be wondering why a man who scored 167 last week is on the avoid list this week. The reasons, I think, are well founded. Big Max only averages 93 when he plays in Melbourne yet averages a remarkable 171 when he plays interstate. Therefore, seeing as this game is being played at the MCG (and it is against the Hawks) I wouldn’t be taking the risk of Gawn as vice-captain. Save him for away games!!
  • Anyone from Port Adelaide, Collingwood, Western Bulldogs, West Coast, Adelaide and St Kilda – The reasons for me saying avoid these clubs is on the basis that choosing a successful captain for any Sunday game is a significantly difficult task. If you are supremely confident in someone like a Scott Pendlebury, then by all means ignore this, but as a general rule, I will no longer be leaving my Captain for Sunday games.

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