Buy, Hold, Sell – Round 9

These last couple of weeks in SuperCoach have been tough on everyone, with many popular picks missing through either injury, form or suspension.
It has never been more important to have “playing” coverage on your bench, already this week before teams have been named, we have Ablett, Boyd, Wells and Houli all but confirmed outs so let’s take a look at which players are putting up great numbers at the moment:

Rookies that are worth getting on include

Darcy MacPherson (GC)
68 Av
-75 BE

Mason Redman (Ess)
Midfielder/ Forward
41 Av
-13 BE

Ben Crocker (Coll)
Midfielder/ Forward
47 Av
-25 BE

Kaiden Brand (Haw)
58 Av
-43 BE

All of the above guys are on the “bubble” after playing the last two consecutive weeks, these are some other rookie-priced options with negative break evens:

Christian Petracca: BE -38
Ben Keays: BE -36
Darcy Tucker: BE -59
Tom Lee: BE -31
Kieran Lovell: BE -31
Josh Dunkley: BE -24

Now for some premium guys with very get-able Break Evens:

Sam Docherty
105 Av
37 BE

Kade Simpson
106 Av
78 BE

Josh Gibson
102 Av
63 BE

Marcus Bontempelli
$510.4 k
97 Av
42 BE

Bryce Gibbs
109 Av
54 BE

Scott Pendlebury
117 Av
64 BE

Steven Motlop
104 Av
54 BE

Zach Merrett
105 Av
59 BE

Leigh Montagna
104 Av
77 BE

Last but not least, a quick note:
Todd Goldstein comes to us this week at a miserly $552.5k and a break even of 120, which he could smash this week against Carlton who won’t have Matthew Kruezer – he’s definitely worth getting if your in the market for a ruckman.
Matt Priddis has now bottomed out as well, this week he is priced at $496.2k but still averaging 101 and his break even is 100. Now is also a great time to pick him up if you are able to fit him in.


With all the carnage that has taken place, if you have a fit guy on the paddock it is almost beneficial to keep them there, so for that reason I’m really only going to suggest the obvious one in Bachar Houli to sell for the obvious reason that he is injured (10-12 weeks).
Of course though if you have managed to dodge all these injuries and are up for some trades to benefit your side:
Marcus Adams
Callum Mills
Mitch Brown
and a few others have all served their purpose in the cash they have generated to date and you should be starting to be upgrading some through some smart downgrades.


Michael Barlow:  that would be a wasted trade. Sideways trading is almost always unnecessary.
So hold tough, we are in this for the long term.

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