This Round In SuperCoach – Round 9

Welcome back to our third installment of This Round In SuperCoach… Another short, sweet and interesting article!

Josh J. Kennedy (West Coast) scored 190 in 2011
JJK has always had the ability to score big! As soon as I saw the 190 and that it wasn’t that long ago, I knew which game it was. There were many people talking about (after the game) how Josh Kennedy had scored more than the Bulldogs. Kennedy kicked 10 goals and 3 behinds in this particular game, while the Bulldogs finished on 8.4.52… Along with the 10.3, JJK had 21 disposals (20 kicks, 1 handball), took 15 marks (5 contested, 11 inside 50), laid 4 tackles, provided 4 inside 50s, had 8 contested possessions and gave off 1 goal assist. Imagine if he didn’t have 3 free kicks against! For the record, West Coast won the game by 123 points.

Matt Thomas (Port Adelaide) scored -11 in 2007
I would like to say that Thomas did a couple of bad things then got injured. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case. Thomas played 85% of the game and had 8 disposals, 1 tackle and 4 rebound 50s. What brought Thomas undone in this particular game was his 7 clangers and 4 free kicks against. Port Adelaide lost the game to Geelong by 56 points.

It is hard to find one negative score for a round in some seasons… Well in 2007, there were three negatives in Round 9! What is even more crazy is that two were from the same side:

  • Matt Thomas scored -11 due to 7 clangers among his 8 disposals (more above).
  • Daniel Motlop scored -8 from 0 disposals, 1 clanger and 1% game time. He has zero stats to his name, so it’s hard to know what the clanger was for, but it would be the reason behind his negative score.
  • Jonathon Griffin scored -4 against Carlton, when he was playing for Adelaide. Much like Motlop, it’s safe to assume Griffin was injured, or definitely kept on the bench most of the game. He played 15% of the game and managed 0 disposals, 2 hit outs, 1 clanger and 1 free kick against.


All stats and scores courtesy of information collected from and

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