Buy, Hold, Sell – Round 8

Petracca, Sell, Hold!

This week I’ve decided to rename my article. Why you ask? Because this week, the guy that we have been waiting for a year and a half to notch up two games – and be on the ‘bubble’ – has finally achieved that. Yes! I’m talking about Christian Petracca – and he hasn’t disappointed at all.

In the first week he had:
16 disposals (8kicks, 8 handballs), 1 mark, 5 tackles & 63 SuperCoach points.
And then increased in the Second week with:
24 disposals (5 kicks, 19 handballs), 2 marks, 2 goals, 4 tackles & 86 SuperCoach points.

Look, you’re probably thinking that there has been better debuts and I will definitely agree, but has there been anymore anticipated than his? Probably not! He is an absolute bull, with a great head in his shoulders for decision making, so if you don’t already have him in your side, do yourself a favour and go and buy him now. His break even is -75, he’s priced at 123.9k and he’s averaging 74. Easily your best option this week.

Others are:
Ben Keays (Bris)
Mid 117.3k
Av 61
BE -53

Tom Lee (Stk)
Def 123.9k
Av 66
BE -59

Darcy Tucker (Fre)
Def 117.3k
Av 50
BE -31

Kieran Lovell (Haw)
Mid 126.3k
Av 53
BE -31

Ok, now those are the best options when it comes to guys on the bubble, but some premiums who have bottomed out (or are affordable) for the time being include:

Jimmy Bartel (Gee)
Price 473k
Av 92
BE 45

Matthew Boyd (WB)
Price 540.3k
Av 100
Be 72

Alex Rance (Rich)
Price 549k
Av 105
BE 91

Kade Simpson
Price 534.2k
Av 103
BE 95

Patrick Cripps
Price 521.8k
Av 104
BE 45

Bryce Gibbs
Price 516.2k
Av 104
BE 45

David Zaharakis
Price 501.2k
Av 111
BE 94

Callan Ward
Price 582.3k
Av 117
BE 98

Steven Motlop
Price 522k
Av 101
BE 22

Nick Riewoldt
Price 562.4k
Av 103
BE 55

Dustin Martin
Price 514.1k
Av 100
BE 63

Lance Franklin
Price 500.2k
Av 101
BE 75

But, it’s the same circumstances every week – to be able to buy, you must have something to sell. Most players are well aware of these guys:

Marcus Adams
BE 68 – which is very achievable for this guy, but he comes to us for a different reason as he has a fractured finger and will be sidelined for 2-3 weeks.

Lincoln McCarthy
BE 101 – he actually lost money last week due to only scoring 15 pts. Injury affected and will definitely miss this week, in my opinion even though he is listed as a ‘Test’.

Shaun Higgins
Priced at 434.1k – has been ruled out for 12 weeks with a knee injury, therefore making him a prime option to move on.

Callum Mills
He is a future jet, but his cash making days seem behind him now, with his breakeven reaching 94, time to move him on.

Ryan Davis
Has only made 83.6k from five games this year and if you need an option to sell, he might be your guy, he doesn’t seem to have a great deal of scope left in him going forward.

Mitch Brown
Has been in nice form over last couple of weeks, with scores of 88 & 96, which have coincided with his move forward and is due for a few more price rises

Sam Kerridge
More cash coming from Kerridge!

Tom Liberatore
Looks a though he will be a keeper for the year now, but will probably slide down to your M8 spot by end of year.

Good luck,
Cheers… Paul.

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