Player With PODential – Round 8

SMotlopThis week I’ve taken a look at two players. Firstly, Stevie Motlop but as you come to then end I’ve thrown in a ruck POD option for you. Enjoy!


Price: $522,000
Position: Forward/Midfield
Games Played: 7
Season Average: 101
3 Round Average: 123 (2nd best forward & 10th highest in AFL)
5 Round Average: 115.2 (3rd best foward & 11th highest in AFL)
Selected In: 2.4% of sides
Breakeven: +22


  • The most of obvious positive is Motlop’s ripping form. Since Round 2, he’s scored 80, 114, 93, 81 and has been huge the last two weeks with 133 and 155.
  • His average disposals (22.3), marks (4.9), goals (1.9), intercept possessions (2), inside-50s (5.1), score involvements (7.6) and meters gained (425.8) are all up from year last year and are currently career highs.
  • Motlop’s SuperCoach improvement has been pushed by his career high averages (above) but also his improvement in disposals efficiency; he’s improved from 67.8% in 2015 to 75.6% so far in 2016. Take all of that into account and the fact he is turning the ball over two times less a game in 2016, shows you why his SuperCoach points are up, with only slight improvements across each category.
  • Having an impact amongst the league. While he hasn’t been a star this year, his statistical numbers are solid and compared to the rest of the AFL he stands out in total bounces (6th), total kicks (10th) and total inside-50s.
  • Is a dual position player – small, but important attribute.


  • Scored a 51 in Round 1. When will that type of score rear it’s ugly head again in 2016?
  • Has been largely inconsistent throughout his career. The last three seasons Motlop’s only managed to average 82, 81 and 88. Last season he began with five scores in the 90s and had a purple patch in the middle of the year (highs of 144 and 147). However, he still managed to produce four scores under 50 (a low of 26) and a total of six scores under 70.

There’s not a lot of things in the cons list. Motlop is only 25 so there’s no reason to say this isn’t a breakout year. What concerns me is his price and past consistency. I am happy for a player to drop the odd low score if they have a huge ceiling like Mot does. But, I’m talking acceptable lows around 70-80, not sub 50. I actually had Motlop last year because of his DPP. However, at the time I grabbed him for 388k and I got him in to use as bench cover leading into the back end of the season. I got lucky and was able to loophole him during his purple patch. He’s a no for me at the moment, but you might see something different than what I see. I’d still prefer Nick Riewoldt, who’s nearly identical in terms of price tag and percentage of teams he is in. Both come with risks, but that’s why they’re point of difference players!

LOOKING FOR A RUCKMAN? Everyone seems to have forgotten about Shane Mumford. He’s only in 5.3% of sides… that is less than Matthew Leuenberger (9.4% – average 61.1), Zac Smith (6.2% – av 71.3) and Tom Hickey (8.9% – average 90). Mummy had a poor start to the year with 65, but has averaged 105.3 in the six games since. If you have one of those rucks I just mentioned or another underperforming one, I’d recommend taking a punt on Big Mummy!

What did you think? Leave me a comment below or give me a buzz on Twitter: @AaronSCHQ

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