This Round In SuperCoach – Round 8

Welcome back to our second installment of This Round In SuperCoach… Last week we looked at Round 7’s highest and lowest scores, which you can read about here! Onward to Round 8.

Nick Riewoldt (STK) scored 203 in 2006
In the only Round 8 double ton, Nick Riewoldt had a career-high 13 marks inside 50 leading St.Kilda to a 92-point win over Carlton (126-34). Roo had 15 disposals for the game to go with his 13 marks and 9 goals, 3 behinds. The 13 marks inside-50 is one behind Scott Cummings’ AFL/VFL record of 14.

Tim Boyle (HAW) scored -2 in 2006. 
Boyle played 77% game time against Melbourne and had 6 disposals, 4 marks, 2 inside-50s and 1 tackle in the 75 point loss. However, Boyle committed 4 clangers and gave away 3 free kicks, taking his score into the negatives.

In the same game that Nick Riewoldt scored 203, St.Kilda had two other big scores:
Steven Baker scored 150 SuperCoach points from 21 disposals (11 cont.), 5 marks, 2.0, 7 tackles & 7 one percenters.
Lenny Hayes scored 139 from 35 disposals (10 cont.), 11 inside-50s, 5 tackles & 8 marks.

All stats and scores courtesy of information collected from and

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