Player With PODential – Round 7

Saint Nick was in my side for a lot of the preseason. I knew that more of a midfield role would help him score well in SuperCoach, but at a touch under 500k, I had trouble bringing myself to select him. In the end, I went with Aaron Hall in that position, so it turned out okay. One reason for not selecting Riewoldt was my reluctance to select Saints players (the team I support), but the other reason was to see whether he could bring the consistency required to be worthy of being selected.



Price: $520,500
Position: Forward
Games Played: 6
Season Average: 97.3
3 Round Average: 121.3 (1st for forwards & 8th overall)
5 Round Average: 110.2 (4th for forwards)
Selected In: 1.9% of sides
Breakeven: +44


  • He’s been a SuperCoach gun throughout his career. Between 2005 and 2010, he averaged 112.3 and while that dropped in 2011 to 87.5, his averages since have been 95.9, 105.1, 91.7 & 90.7.
  • He is relishing in his new role on the wing. Per game, Riewoldt is averaging 19.3 disposals, 10.5 marks (#1 in the AFL), 2.5 goals (15 in total), 1.8 hitouts and a reasonable 1.7 tackles. At this stage, he’s got career high averages in disposals, marks and hit outs.
  • Season average isn’t reflective of his season impact as a whole. He didn’t play a great game in Round 1 and only scored 33. At that point I was glad I didn’t have him, but he’s proven me wrong since. While the 33 was a quiet game and should be included in his average, the 86 against Collingwood wasn’t reflective of his efforts in that match. Remarkedly, he scored the 86 from less than half a game, as he got concussed before half time.
  • Highest scoring forward over the last three games and he is the eighth highest scoring player overall over the past three games; the seven ahead of him are all straight midfielders.
  • Not just scoring on the wing. He played most of game as a forward against Melbourne, albeit sneaking up the field as forwards do, and scored a season high 137.


  • He isn’t getting any younger. The slightest niggle could mean he’s rested, but that said, he’s already been concussed once this year and copped a knock to his knee – yet to miss a game in 2016.
  • Costs slightly more than at the start of the year. After dropping in price a little bit (due to the 33), he’s since risen and is now $30,400 dearer than his 2016 starting price and $60,600 dearer than his lowest price.
  • The 33 is worring. Will that kind of score slip in again throughout the year? It’s hard to say, and something we can’t predict, but it’s not the kind of output we expect from 500k players.

Rooey is a tough one. He’s already risen 30k and only has a breakeven of 44. So basically, if you want him, this week is ideal to bring him in. At this stage, I think I was planning on bringing in a defender, which would rule him out for me. In terms of forwards, he’s roughly 50k less than Dahlhaus, Waite and Zorko, which is a real positive and to me he seems a better option than many of the others (Franklin and Montagna on par or slightly better options). As I continue to write this, he is rising higher in my calculations for this week. The big selling point is that he is only in 1.9% of sides.

What did you think? Leave me a comment below or give me a buzz on Twitter: @AaronSCHQ

One thought on “Player With PODential – Round 7

  1. Great pod. My opponent had him last week n made me sweat as he tore it up on the wing with 13 marks. Great option.


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