Buy, Hold, Sell – Round 7

First of all, let’s take a glance over the Two game rookies (Bubble Boys)
The order in which I think you should pick them:
Josh Smith (Coll): 102k, Average 84, Breakeven -108
Mason Cox (Coll): 117k, Av 71, BE -73
Darcy Tucker (Freo): 117k, Av 50.5, BE -32
Jonathan Simpkin (Ess): 223k, Av 77, BE -23
Peter Wright (GCS): 184k, Av 88, BE -66

Other options are that will make some cash (if named):
Dougal Howard BE -34
Tim O’Brien BE -4
Liam Sumner BE -3
Tom Lee BE -60
Brady Grey BE 6

Just another quick note – for those that held on to George Hewett and Tom Papley, they both have got back to some great money making. Their breakevens are -12 and 2 respectively, so if you have held on to them congratulations and enjoy the cash coming your way.

The bargains from the Midpricers & Premiums include:
Matthew Boyd 511k BE 54
Heath Shaw 562k BE 55
Kade Simpson 514k BE 73

Bryce Gibbs 470k BE 25
Lachie Hunter 511k BE 44
Jack Viney 530k BE 47

Michael Barlow 503k BE 33
Toby Greene 496k BE 42
Nick Riewoldt 520k BE 43

All of these players could be upgrade options, with all of them coming in at a nice price and all of them with very achievable breakevens. This is the week to buy if they appeal to you and work with your current set up!

We are starting to get to that point in the season where the rookies we started with are coming to the end of their money making days. It is time to start moving them on, either via a downgrade to make cash or ideally up to a premium player. These guys are all likely options this week, as their breakevens are close or above their overall average.

Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti
Break Even 64
Average 71
Maybe another week if you have to, but comes up against Sydney in Sydney this week, which could get messy for all Essendon players.

Jacob Weitering
Break Even 114
Average 73
It’s no secret, he has now been ruled out for 2-3 weeks with arm/shoulder and we wish him a speedy recovery, but he has served his SuperCoach owners well and it’s time to go.

Matt Dea
Break Even 94
Average 66
Another Essendon player that has made great coin, but has Sydney this week and the likelihood of loss of cash this week makes him a high priority to move on.

Darcy Parish
Break Even 75
Average 75
This guy will be one of our starting midfielders in years to come, but he has come to the end of his time this year.

These are the guys who are your best options this week to downgrade or upgrade, whichever you have the ability to do this week.

If not mentioned above in the rookies to sell, all other rookies have achievable breakevens this week and should still provide a positive outcome for your team in the near future. But once again, I realise the needs of each team is different and always do what is best for your structure.


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