This Round In SuperCoach – Round 7

Welcome to ‘This Round In SuperCoach’… A new, weekly article, which will look at the highest ever score for that round, the lowest ever and something interesting. Enjoy

Jonathon Brown scored 262 vs Hawthorn in 2006. The all-time SuperCoach record came from a huge game of 24 disposals (18 kicks, 7 handballs), 16 marks and 12 scoring shots, finishing in 8 goals and 4 behinds.

Josh Fraser scored -10 vs Fremantle in 2005 – NO, that wasn’t his breakeven! In this performance, Fraser had 0 hit outs, 1 mark and 1 kick. He didn’t play in Round 8-9, so we can only hope he was injured in this game!

There have been 3 double tons scored in Round 7:

  • Jonathon Brown 262 (2006)
  • Warren Tredrea 211 (2005)
  • Gary Ablett 203 (2010)
    ……with Matt Priddis’ 196 (2015) just falling short.


All stats and scores courtesy of information collected from, and


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