Buy, Hold, Sell

Well let’s start off today with the Rookies that are worth buying…… and we’re done.

Oh wait, there are a few this week that will be relevant in the next couple of weeks, with the most talked about player to never play a game is finally debuting. I’m talking about the one and only Nathan Freeman! Oh wait, that’s right he is still out with another hamstring

No we are talking about Christian Petracca! Yes, he is finally debuting for the blue and red, but ladies and gentleman please hold on your trigger finger to make sure he gets through his first game. Put your hand up if you remember Joshua Glenn; I certainly do!

Other guys making their debut (loosely put) include:
K.Lovell (Haw) mid $126.3k
M.Willis (GC) mid/Fwd 117.3k
J.Hiscox (Syd) mid/Fwd 123.9k
T.Cole (WCE) mid/Def 117.3k
B.Keays (Bris) mid 117.3k
J.Polkinghorne (Ess) mid 123.9k
C.Blakely (Fre) mid 159.7k
A.Aliir (Syd) def 123.9k
Most of these guys come with great upside and may prove valuable SOON !

Jonathan Simpkin 223.9k was a popular pick and finally gets his second game, as well as Peter Wright who exploded in his first week with 142pts – comes in at 187.1k and should be on everyone’s watchlist. The big American, Mason Cox, had a memorable debut on Anzac Day scoring 75pts and at 117.3k could be great buy next week. Others include:

D.Howard Fwd 123.9k 61points first game
S.Grimley Fwd/Ruck 123.9k 52pts
J.Smith Mid 102.4k 72pts
B.Grey Mid 238.0k 85pts
D.Tucker Def 117.3k 67pts

Ok, so there is some of the talent we have got to look forward to in the next couple of weeks, but if you are desperate for a cash injection we have the following:
Liam Sumner Mid/Fwd at 123.9k and scores of 45 & 37
Tim OBrien Fwd 123.9k 72 & 50
Jayden Hunt Fwd 123.9k 40 & 51
Lachie Plowman Def 236.1k 46 & 60
Jade Gresham Mid 144.3k – He is finally back for his third game, if anyone out there actually held on to him.
And Tom Lee Def 123.9k 61 & 72 oh wait a minute, no, he has been dropped!!
Of these, I think all have shaky job security, so I believe you should wait until next week for a better downgrade option. So when it’s all said and down there are no real great “must haves” this week, but stay tuned because there are plenty coming.

Unfortunately everyone knows who I’m about to mention:
Yes, the one and only, reigning Brownlow Medallist Nat Fyfe. If you have been stuck under a rock for the past few days you might have missed the news that he has broken his leg, to which he will require surgery on to repair, so he will be out for a considerable amount of time and all coaches know it’s time to move him on. Great options exist for a replacement check out the SuperCoachHQ newsletter as well as Shortys Pod Cast for great ideas

Only other guy to mention is Sam Gray can he actually go any worse, just move him on now, don’t think Do !
No need to elaborate I don’t think ??

As I mentioned earlier rookies aren’t really of the high note this week, well at least those on the “bubble” and with all starting rookies still making cash or with a chance to anyway, hold one more week to reap the rewards in the next two!

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