Storey’s Skippers – Round 6

Welcome back everyone to another week of Storey’s Skippers. Things are going from bad to worse for a number of teams, with many having been burnt by a really poor score from Fyfe and a below par score from Gazza, however, if you took my advice and made Goldstein or Gawn Captain you would be climbing up those rankings fast.

Every week it is important to make use of the rolling lockout and the vice-captain loophole. So for those that are unsure how it works just click on this link.

There have been 96 scores of 125 or over (acceptable captain scores) in rounds 1-5 this season. Brisbane and Port Adelaide have conceded the most with 10 a piece, while Sydney and GWS have scored the most.

So who should you consider this week. I reckon the combo of Goldstein and Gawn is a good place to start.


Todd Goldstein – Last week I called him Mr. Consistent and nothing has changed that view. This week however, he comes up against the Bulldogs who haven’t conceded a single score over 125, but I just can’t back against Goldy.

Max Gawn – Coming up against the Saints, who may possibly be missing Tom Hickey, Big Max could just have another day out. If you don’t make Goldy Vice-captain – Gawn is the next obvious choice.


Rory Sloane – Coming off back-to-back tons, and playing the hapless Dockers, Sloane could just go off. It would be a big risk but as we saw last week big risks pay off.

Josh Kennedy, Tom Mitchell, Daniel Hannebery or Luke Parker – The Swans are on fire at the moment and absolutely decimated the Eagles after quarter time last week. The midfielders are hard to top and as mentioned earlier have had 10 scores of 125+ in 5 games. That coupled with the fact Brisbane have conceded 10 scores of 125+ and it could be a very good day for the Swans players.

Michael Barlow– Started the season really poor but the last two weeks has redeemed Barlow to his owners. While he is definitely a risky choice, the loss of Fyfe could mean at the very least that Barlow maintains the midfield time he has been getting. Barlow is a proven scorer in previous years and would be a very left-field choice but one that could pay off.


Patrick Dangerfield – Danger is on fire and playing at Simmonds Stadium this week they could get a hold of the Suns who I don’t completely trust away from home. An average of 128+ per game means that he is one you can probably rely on.

Good luck this week everyone!

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