Player With PODential – Round 6

After looking at a midfielder last week (Callan Ward), I thought I’d go for a different position this week. I will generally look for the best available PODs, but I will be keeping in mind to rotate positions; some weeks I may include more than one player!

Kade Simpson
(image from: Zimbio)

Price: $497,000
Position: Defence
Season Average: 100.8
3 Round Average: 104.7
Selected In: 4.2% of sides
Position Rank: 2nd by pts & 5th by average
Breakeven: +61



  • Incredibly consistent. He has averaged over 85 every season, since 2006, and over 92 every season since 2009.
  • Season average is 5th highest of defenders. Josh Gibson is the first, while 2nd, 3rd and 4th are all out at the moment (Alex Rance, Jason Johannisen and Robert Murphy).
  • Finding plenty of the ball. Twice this season he’s had 30+ disposals and twice he has had 10 marks in a game.
  • Getting better with age? Kade is currently averaging a career high 27 disposals and 7.6 marks per game.
  • Up there with the best in 2016. Per game, he is 7th for uncontested possessions, 7th for effective disposals, 7th for marks, 8th for rebound 50s and 10th for kicks per game.
  • Every chance that he’s feeling invigorated by Brendan Bolton’s game plan and having some new faces around the club.


  • Turns 32 years old soon, is he due for a slump later in the year?
  • Currently scoring well but if his current career high disposals and marks drop a bit then his scoring could take a hit too! Is he in a random purple patch or can we expect this all year?
  • His lowest score against seven teams is under 50 and he had two scores in the 30s in 2014. Bare in mind that over 2014, 2015 & 2016 he’s scored under 80 on only six occassions.

I already have him in my side and I’ve loved his consistency so far, two scores in the 80s and three tons, including a 120, is exactly what my defence needed to start the year. I had reservations picking him at the start of the year, given his age, but he’s done no wrong so far. He’s a top 5 defender at the moment and there’s no reason to say why he won’t finish 2016 right up there!

What did you think? Leave me a comment below or give me a buzz on Twitter: @AaronSCHQ

3 thoughts on “Player With PODential – Round 6

  1. Mate this was just the tonic I needed! Was thinking Dea to Simmo tonight!! Now I’m more solid on it. Thanks!!


    1. No worries, Geoff! Dea is someone that could be held as a breakeven of 67 is achievable, but iffy. If you’re looking for a defensive upgrade, Simmo is your man! Get on board.


      1. Yeah Dea could be held but I’ve got cows everywhere n now seems like the time to start lopping a few heads off!!


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