Storey’s Skippers – Round 5

For the next few weeks, welcome to Storey’s Skippers, where we will take a look at who you should put the Captain and Vice-Captain tags on.

After a horrendous week last week in terms of scoring from a number of premiums, including popular captain choices Ablett and Dangerfield, both will be looking to bounce back.

Before we start let’s take a quick look at the Captain Loophole which, if used correctly, allows you to take advantage of the Rolling Lockout, where you can move players right up until the time they start playing.


If you follow these steps you can increase your chances of getting a big score for your captain:

  1. If you have a non playing player, put them on your field and make them Captain.
  2. Ensure that this ‘C’ player WILL NOT play UNTIL AFTER your VC option.
  3. Select your preferred player from your bench as emergency.
  4. Choose a player who plays early in the week (Friday or Saturday game) as your VC.
  5. If your VC scores well, then you will stop here and not make any further changes. You will receive the Vice-Captain’s doubled score because your captain did not play, that is the role of the Vice Captain.
  6. However, if your VC had a bad game or maybe got injured, then you can swap the ‘C’ OFF of your non playing player (they can’t have played yet) and ON to a legitimate Captain Option. This way you get your new Captains score.

**NOTE: It is crucial that you have the ‘E’ on the benched player, you don’t want a zero!

Now, let’s take a look at a team by team breakdown to discover which teams might concede a big score this week.


There have been 76 scores of 125 or over which is generally an acceptable captain score in rounds 1-4 this season. Only Brisbane have conceded more 125+ scores than Port Adelaide, followed closely by Collingwood.

Further to this the top 3 scores for each round so far have been against the following:





On the other hand, Sydney and North Melbourne have scored the most 125+ scores with 8 and 7 respectively.

So, now that you know how to make the loophole work for your team and which teams give up big scores lets get into who you should put the VC and C on this week!!


Gary Ablett – The Little Master doesn’t mind playing against North. In his last five games Gazza has scores of 124, 141, 153, 188, 139 at an average of 148!! The 124 was even off a 12 week inury lay-off. Don’t be fooled into worrying about Ben Jacobs tagging him. He couldn’t stop Fyfe and he wont stop Gaz. Could be a very good VC option.

Patrick Dangerfield – Coming up against Port, who have been woeful in the early part of the season, Danger might just have a field day. Port are ranked 18th in the AFL for clearances and if they don’t put someone on Danger he might just run around and do as he pleases.

Sam Mitchell – Clarko this week expressed concerns about how many 40+ possession games Sam Mitchell has had to start the year, but don’t let this deter you. Scores of 130, 144, 97 and 141 make Mitchell as good an option as any to either the C or VC.

Nathan Fyfe – Back to his best last week against North who have been a relatively hard team to score against, only conceding 3 scores of 125+ in the first 4 weeks. After not getting much of a hit-out during the pre-season Fyfe could finally be over the injuries that have plagued him the last 6 months.

Todd Goldstein – Just call him Mr. Consistent. Scores of 126, 95, 172 and 121 make Goldy a valuable choice as Captain (or Vice-Captain), every week. Coming up against Dan Currie in the ruck this week could result in a huge score. Keep in mind though that Ablett and Goldy are playing in the same game so you can only loophole one of them!


Rory Laird – One of the best defenders this year, Laird is also a very high volume scorer. His disposal off half-back could be very important if the Crows are to challenge the Hawks.

Zachary Merrett – If you had Merrett in your team to start the year you would be very happy with how he is going. Many, including myself, didn’t think Merrett would be able to stand up as well as he has with half the list missing but scores of 114, 131, 99 and 123 make him a super impressive choice.

Callan Ward – Has started the season like a house on fire with scores of 142, 97, 109 and 137. Only in 3% of teams so most won’t have him but if you do he could be a very good choice. Considered by many as the Giants most important player adding much needed grunt to the midfield. If you think he can put up a good score against the Saints lock him in. Be wary though that you’ll likely have to make him Captain as Gazza, Danger and Goldy will all have played before him.

Max Gawn – It might come as a surprise to many that I’ve included Big Maxy as a POD Captain, but that is what he is. It is undeniable that he is quickly becoming an important player for both Melbourne and all Supercoach players. Coming up against an underdone Ivan Maric this week, Gawn might just turn it on.

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