Buy, Sell, Hold…

Well here we go again! I’ve got some great options to buy and some players you can sell to help build up your war chest for upgrades.

Five great options for Rookie backs this week:
Ruggles (Geel)
Wagner (Melb)
Byrne-Jones (Port)
Byrne (Carl)
Hartley (Ess)
The first four have played two games and are all about to receive their first price rise (if they are selected and play their third game) and Hartley has played three games already but still has a great break even; due for more price rises in coming weeks

You also have:
Nakia Cockatoo and Jarryd Lyons in the forward line, but they come at the slightly higher price and I feel their job security isn’t that great. All this depends on team sheets this Thursday and your teams needs, so hold your trades until then.

The best five premiums this week are:
Josh Gibson (Haw) Break Even 21
Pearce Hanley (Bris) 34
Luke Shuey (WCE) 51
Alex Rance (Rich) 51
Jack Ziebell (Nth) 62
All these guys are in for significant price rises this week , so now is the time to buy!

To BUY you need to SELL!
Here are your best options: 
Tom Papley (Syd) – 224k, av 70, Break Even 62
Wayne Milera (Adel) – 215k, av 47, Break Even 61
Connor Menadue (Rich) – 209k, av 58, Break Even 34

And a guy that hasn’t exactly achieved the heights that we hoped for is, Sam Gray (Port) – 421k, av 71, Break Even 119. In Sam’s defence, Port have played some bad football, therefore effecting a few players’ scores.

Note: if not named here other rookies are good for at least next round.

6 thoughts on “Buy, Sell, Hold…

    1. They are both great options and you should be targeting to get both in eventually, I would probably start with Gibson as Hawthorn love to use him and he is slightly more consistent than Houli.
      Good luck


  1. Cockatoo’s spot in the side is secure as he is a star in the making and important to the cats defensive forward structure. He will average 15+ touches, 5+ tackles and 70+ points for the year playing most games.


    1. Hey diesel
      Cockatoo is priced at 174k and in my opinion, not guaranteed his spot with McCarthy and Horlin-Smith waiting in the wing.
      The guy has amazing talent and will get games, just thinking others will make more cash.
      Cheers and good luck


    1. Still worth it, Shayla… You just have to pay more coin for him now. You could even hold off now (breakeven 112) as his price won’t be rising heaps this week. Give as much chance for him to prove himself before you pay absolute top dollar for him.


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