SuperCoach Round 3 Team of the Week

This week’s Team of the Week features plenty of rookies who have been shining all season long along with some of our star premiums. Next week I’m bringing in a new salary cap change and I’m also trialing making the players into a FIFA style TOTW card so let me know what you think. (This is what I mean

Adams custom (1)
Feel free to discuss in the comments section who you think should be there instead and any qualification changes you would like to see.

Round 3 TOTW

2 thoughts on “SuperCoach Round 3 Team of the Week

  1. Love the FIFA badges. Good team too. Did Hogan really score that well this week? Wouldn’t mind seeing the scores alongside the lineup. Great work Declan!


    1. Hogan scored 116… Declan is trying to get the players in their weekend playing positions and also fit the team in under a $10,000,000 salary cap. Combination of reasons why Hogan was there.


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